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Free Chapter: Seeing Your Spouse through God’s Eyes

PNFB Free Chapter The hope of adoring your husband all the days of your life depends on seeing the Creator delight in him.

In this free chapter from Prayers for New Brides, I share one of the most valuable lessons I’ve learned as David’s wife. Enter your email below to get your copy.

Unwrapping the Gift of Peace: A Simple Prayer

God gives peace

Like a little kid at Christmas, my eyes are open wider than usual with wonder. This year I have a new, more child-like appreciation for how generous God is. As I read the Bible, I see it over and over again. God is constantly giving to us. He’s giving us His faithfulness, mercy when we’ve […]

The Healing Power of God’s Word

healing power of God's Word

Healing is a great need for so many of us. We have emotional, physical, spiritual and relational issues waiting for the Great Physician to intervene. In today’s post, we are going to explore the opportunity to find the healing we need in God’s Word. What miracle of healing are you waiting for? I am recovering from […]

The Holy Spirit Helps Us Pray (Part 2)

We can get stumped and wonder how to pray for someone or even ourselves. The need feels so great and maybe we feel so small. God knows and He has made a way for us to know what to pray and even who to pray for. I hope you had a chance to read my […]

The Holy Spirit Helps us Pray (Part 1)

the holy spirit helps us pray

God has been diligently teaching me how the Holy Spirit helps us to pray. Within a week and a half, I’ve had three encounters that opened my eyes to this amazing gift. Before I tell you about them, I want to share the Scriptures that reveal this ministry of the Holy Spirit. Ephesians 6:18 –  Pray in the […]

Learning to Love and Pray Like Daniel

In the midst of learning new things about spiritual warfare, I landed on one of Daniel’s prayers for the Israelites (Daniel 9:3-19). This is a model prayer we can follow for our own nation. We can also adapt it as a prayer for those heart-wrenching situations where someone we love is living separated from God. There […]

Prayer: The Lifeline of a Brave Christian

Dangerous Christian Book by Shay Robbins

Today’s quick read is an great encouragement. It is a guest post by Shay Robbins, one of our Branson church teachers who just released the book, Dangerous Christian: A Brave Heart for a Broken World. He’s offering several great word pictures to help us overcome prayerlessness and soar with our God. “If you want to […]

Getting Honest in Prayer

getting honest in prayer

Almost a month ago, I invited my friend Kristin Hanley to be a guest writer on the blog. I knew we would be moving across town and I would be pressed for time and inspiration. God’s timing on this has been so perfect. I’m sitting at the hospital now with my father-in-law who has been […]

a Simple Prayer for Hillary Clinton

prayer hillary clinton and government

Update: Please know that I am not discussing politics in this post. I am relaying a way to pray. Later in the post you will see why I am highlighting Hillary Clinton in this prayer. I am not showing any favor for her as a candidate or suggesting we pray for her and not pray […]

Receiving Jesus: The Practice of Personal Communion

receiving jesus communion

Over the last few months I’ve heard a sacred echo. Every week or so someone shared with me how engaging with Jesus through personal communion on a regular basis changed their lives. Three years ago, a dear friend shared communion with me when I stayed in her home and I was enthralled by it. At that time, I […]

Refreshed by the River of Living Waters

river of life

On this Labor Day weekend, we can simply celebrate the refreshing nature of the River of Living Water flowing to us and through us. In John 7:38 Jesus says, “Anyone who believes in me may come and drink! For the Scriptures declare, ‘Rivers of living water will flow from his heart.’” That river, the Holy Spirit, is alive […]