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Hope from the Truths of God's Word

Praying for your marriage is fighting for your marriage and with each prayer, you bring the vulnerable places of your relationship to God who generously provides His strength and sufficiency!

Hope For Your Marriage | 13 Simple Prayers

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Summer Bible Study Announcement

summer bible study

“Our combat with the devil always should be with the consciousness that we have authority over him because he is a defeated foe – the Lord Jesus Christ defeated him for us.” Kenneth E. Hagin Do you wrestle with the reality that as a born again Christian, you have been given the authority to “trample […]

Choosing Peace in the Storm

Last week Louisiana was hit with a major storm. I woke up at 5 am to a very persistent alarm on my security system warning me of a possible tornado. There were a few minutes when I chose to take cover on the bathroom floor. My pets, Skeeter and Rosie, joined me and thankfully offered […]

Living Free from Bitterness

freedom from bitterness

Have you wrestled with bitterness toward someone who hurt you deeply? How do we walk in love toward someone who robbed us of something precious or even sacred? Living free from bitterness can seem like a choice to climb Mount Everest when you are too out of shape to go three minutes on the Elliptical […]

We Will Lack Nothing (Believing the Promise)

Family Thanksgiving

I hope your Thanksgiving celebration was a refreshing time for your soul. Was your table loaded with your favorite foods? Did you feel like the disciples picking up after the loaves and fishes meal with their twelve baskets of leftovers? For the last several years, our family has prepared the Thanksgiving meal and transported it […]

Increasing our Confidence in God as our Provider

knowing God as our provider

In this new season of my life, knowing God more intimately as my provider has been important. While reading and researching, the following verses got my attention. because of the phrase “everything belongs to you.” That phrase is repeated twice which often indicates a special emphasis. Check it out: “So don’t boast about following a […]

When God’s People Pray (a Testimony of Answered Prayer)

Answered Prayer Robert Morris

Get ready to have your faith strengthened! Today, I am sharing a powerful testimony of bold prayers and big answers! Warning! This will encourage you. Several months ago, social media became the engine God used to ignite His people to pray for Pastor Robert Morris (Gateway Church). In what could have been his last moments, Pastor […]

Learning Big Things in the Most Difficult Seasons

his quiet altar

The Lord encouraged me with the testimony of one of my favorite authors, Francis Frangipane and I’m excited to share it with you. When I read his book The Three Battlegrounds or his Facebook posts, all I see is the depth of wisdom he offers. Today, his testimony of learning to love God in the dry […]

a Simple Prayer Request

hallelujah shout

Hello friend! I’ve missed connecting with you through writing. I’ve missed sharing the beautiful things the Lord is doing in my life. So much of what is happening in my world is too private to share publicly, so I have been quiet. I feel the winds of change blowing through my life. God is indeed […]

The Lord Gives Me Strength (a personal update)

Hello! It’s been almost seven months since my last blog post here. Thank you for your patience while I’ve been on this extended break from writing. I’ve missed connecting with you. How are you? Is your faith in our God growing? Mine has been stretched further than I ever imagined. I would like to share […]

Prayer Makes The Difference In My Life

prayer brings divine response of God

I’m on a writing hiatus and thrilled to have Carolyn Hill share today’s word of encouragement with you today. She is an incredible friend, worship leader and prayer warrior. You can find more of her inspiring writing at Prayer makes the difference. I’m learning that when I pray, God intervenes and life goes from […]