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Free Chapter: Seeing Your Spouse through God’s Eyes

PNFB Free Chapter The hope of adoring your husband all the days of your life depends on seeing the Creator delight in him.

In this free chapter from Prayers for New Brides, I share one of the most valuable lessons I’ve learned as David’s wife. Enter your email below to get your copy.

Joining Jesus in the Gap: Praying for Imperfect People

stand in the gap instead of finding fault

God has been opening the eyes of my understanding to the habit of fault-finding and how it has effectively robbed me of joy and peace in my relationships. In this post, I’m processing the ideas that are roaming around my heart and preaching the gospel to myself. I welcome you into the process. The world […]

Living Your Purpose with Passion

live with purpose and passion

If you’ve ever struggled to find purpose and meaning in life you know how defeating that can feel. Even as Christians sometimes, we can get so buried under the stress and pressure of life that we feel stuck, burned out and frustrated. Maybe you have a past that you can’t seem to shake, thoughts that […]

Simple Prayers for Graduates

We are just a few weeks away from the high school graduation of my beautiful niece and god-child. Lydia is a brilliant student with a unstoppable passion for animals, especially horses. When she was younger, her southern drawl made my name, “Aunt Jen,” last for at least 30 seconds. My heart soars every time I think […]

The Power of Jesus’ Name: True Story

power of Jesus' name

For many years, I’ve been asking God to help me comprehend the authority He has given me. I’ve learned about the spiritual battle. I’ve witnessed His answers to my prayers. Yet, I’ve still wrestled with doubts and questions about my role . Our gentle, all-knowing God is always ready to increase our faith when we […]

an Evening Prayer

hear from God when you sleep

I’m learning to invite God to interact with me as I sleep. The stillness of our nights is a perfect time to hear from our Lord – the One who shepherds, corrects, heals and delivers us. For the last several years, the Lord has spoken to me in dreams and visions. Many times the dream is a […]

Speaking Words of Life: My Mission, My Prayer

I want my words to count. I know how to flatter and how to encourage, but in this day and age I don’t believe that is enough. People are walking wounded all around us. Most of them are not sharing how much the white noise of the enemy is at work in their minds and lives. They […]

Surrendering Our Weakness, Choosing His Strength

pursuing God's strength

Timidity is something I’d like to live without. Today’s post is a simple prayer about it. I pray it sparks more conversations between you and God. Feel free to add your own prayers and Scripture references in the comments. Let’s encourage each other in the Word.  God, I am very weak. You know my weak […]

New Book News, Barn Dances and Prayer

Hi friend! I hope this finds you doing oh so well. I’m in Branson, Missouri this weekend with fun plans to celebrate my husband’s birthday. Our plans include a Saint Patrick’s Day Barn Dance at the Sycamore Creek Family Ranch. Do you like to dance with your spouse? We have been dancing together over 20 years […]

What Could God Do through You?

trusting God to do the miraculous in you

He used a shepherd boy to kill a giant. He used an unwed teenage virgin to birth the savior He used Peter’s shadow to heal people He used a boy’s lunch to feed thousands of people. Elisha’s dead bones were still infused with the power of God. Once while some Israelites were burying a man, suddenly […]

Shattering Your Strongholds

Are you wrestling with strongholds or praying for someone who is? Lately, I have become more aware of the stronghold fear has been in my life. Just this week, I’ve realized that when I operate in fear, I miss the opportunity to experience delight. Fear has stolen far too much from me. I’ve been afraid to be me. […]