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Has Your Heart Found a Safe Place?

In my heart, I did not feel safe for 30 plus years. The reasons why are not important anymore. What IS important is that I am enjoying/experiencing more safety within me and in relationships than I thought was possible. I guess it’s the peace that passes all understanding. I never knew what that meant, but today I can tell you that because of Jesus – I am safe.

I trust that this new and safe road I’m on will continue to ebb, flow, and ultimately expand. Now that I know I didn’t feel safe before, I can identify rooms in my heart that are fearful. When I recognize them as such, I can hold them up to God and say – “what is this about? why am I scared here? where is my confidence?”. I feel safe to ask Him that today.

This sweet sweet song tells the story better than anything I could write. Below are the lyrics and a youtube video of the song – Safe Placefrom the CD – Enter the Worship Circle. Take these words into your soul.


You whisper a song over me
I’m slow to answer, slow to speak
I’ve found a safe place

How wide is your love
How high how deep, it is untouched
And I’m not enough
I’ve found a safe place in you.

Remember the day you called my name
I was a stranger in your house but just the same
I’ve found a safe place

You are the one my heart is waiting for
You are my treasure, you are my key and you are the door
You hold me tight, you hold me quiet, you hold me safe


Has your heart found a safe place?

If so celebrate and tell your story and share the HOPE the good news of a real relationship with Jesus Christ.

If not, please know that it is available for you. You were created to be enjoyed by the One who created the enter universe and holds it together in harmony. You were not a mistake.

You are a beautiful, wonderful, child of God – an unrepeatable miracle.

Ask Him to show you why you do not feel safe with Him.

May God grant you and yours the beauty of experiencing the safety of His love today and forever.

About Jennifer O. White

I’m a simple wife who has discovered God’s amazing gift of prayer. Here at Prayerfully Speaking I share my journey of unwrapping this gift. God invites us to ask Him, but His enemy works diligently to keep that from happening. I hope to offer you encouragement to believe God is ready to pour more into your life than you’ve ever imaged.

10 Replies

  1. People who meet me (I’m 6’2″, over 200 pounds, extroverted and a deep voice), are surprised to know that I could have been so damaged by physical and emotional abuse as a child.

    For many years, as a military officer and later as a public figure, I learned to mask the damage. But a mask is just something we do to hide the truth.

    Finally, about a decade ago, God began a change. The love of my amazing wife was a critical piece of that, but ultimately it was just the understanding that I am firmly in His grip. Promises like Jeremiah 29:11 and Romans 8:28 helped. Learning to live in His presence made all the difference.

    1. newleafpress

      Ken – what an inspiring testimony. I’m grateful to know you have found that Safe Place. I think back on all the insecurity I experienced and acted out before. May God redeem it all –

  2. This is a touching song – great stuff 🙂

    1. Jennifer White

      i agree Nick. I woke up with this song in my heart today.

  3. Wonderful post, great song and such a blessing to see people on the healing path with Jesus! Bright blessings, Shanyn (Strawberry Roan, Scarred Seeker & Mystic Mom) here from the Bloggers group on FB.

    1. Jennifer White

      Shanyn – thanks for stopping by and connecting. Clicked over 2 ur facebook & loved that one of you leaning on the cow. Cows are my fav! Blessings to you new friend.

  4. Rosella

    His presence and love is the only place I feel safe. Even “Christian” friends turn on you and are full of drama. But God’s love is steadfast, constant and peaceful. I find such refuge in His love. His love and only His love never fails. I praise Him for loving me so much.

    1. Jennifer White

      Rose – great to hear how loved you feel by Him!

  5. Louanne Dietrich

    Good job Jen! Great song to go with a great message. Save, loved, not judged. What an incredible gift from God!

    1. Jennifer White

      Woke up with that song in my heart. It’s soothing.