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Addiction & Eternity: Pray Today

Has addiction cast a dark and lonely shadow in your life or the life of one you love very much?

A friend got sad news a few weeks ago. Her uncle had been released from prison and within days was found dead of an overdose. He died in the bathroom of a restaurant. He was not surrounded by family who loved him. He did not hear the Words of Jesus spoken over him before he took his last breath. He was not encouraged that he was leaving this world for a much better one. He just knew that this world was too hard. He decided to create a way out for himself.

But he did not leave here and move to a better place. He died. Death won. His suffering has not ended. He did not know Jesus. And heaven is not his new home.

surrender your addiction to God

That reality makes me want to do two things: 1) fall in the floor and wail 2) give up every useless activity so no one else dies that way.

What would you do to keep this from happening to your uncle, your friend? What am I doing?

Sundi Jo wrote about her uncle’s death here. Addiction has taken one too many lives in her family. How about yours?

What Should We Do? 

I believe God will move our hearts to rescue the perishing and care for the dying. Ask Him what He wants you to do. Ask Him to show you how to pray for yourself or those you are desperate to help. He will show you. The Bible is FULL of what He wants for people. As you read it, He will show you what to ask of HIm for yourself or that person.

 Start with this prayer from Sundi Jo:

God, my prayer today is for everyone one of us who has or is still struggling with some kind of addiction. Whether it’s drugs, alcohol, food, or our jobs. Help us get our eyes focused on You as the only source Who can fulfill our lives.

Forgive me when I run to things besides you. Thank You for second chances. Thank You for your strength to overcome. Jesus came to bind the broken hearted and set the captives free.

May we surrender to You, throw our hands in the air and confess that we can’t do this life without You. May we run to You and pour our hearts out to You.

May no final breath be taken without knowing we will spend eternity with You.

Have you seen God rescue someone from the captivity of addiction? Share with us in the comment section below.

About Jennifer O. White

I’m a simple wife who has discovered God’s amazing gift of prayer. Here at Prayerfully Speaking I share my journey of unwrapping this gift. God invites us to ask Him, but His enemy works diligently to keep that from happening. I hope to offer you encouragement to believe God is ready to pour more into your life than you’ve ever imaged.

5 Replies

  1. My husband is giving his testimony at Celebrate Recovery tonight. It’s been a crazy journey, but one that God is blessing.

    1. Rebecca – I wish I could hear his testimony in person. May our Lord take the truths from his mouth and serve it to many – His salve of Hope!

  2. Oh Jen. This hits home for me. I’m waiting to see someone rescued—–my son. Until last year we were not aware of the problem. Or its depth. What a hellish nightmare we’ve been going through. I can’t imagine how he feels. My heart breaks for him every single day. Every day.

    I pray with all that is in me. And there are times I’m at a loss for words. I believe that the Holy Spirit makes intercession with my many groanings. And trust me there are many. My greatest fear is that he won’t open his heart to receive help. I wish I could do it for him, but I can’t, so I continue to pray and believe God is not surprised by any of this…and has a plan to work it all for the good. Some days I do that well. Other days, I fight despair.

    A few years back a friend of mine had a son who was going down a terrible path. She would often call me to pray for him and for her. He’d lost his spleen to alcohol. Was on the verge of losing his life. In his 30’s he agreed to go to Teen Challenge. God turned his life around. Now he is a “recovery pastor” leading people through the process. What a beautiful thing to see the way God has redeemed his experience and is using it to minister to others.

    Not many people know about what we’ve been going through in our family. I felt like it was time to share it. I know you’ll pray when God brings us to mind.

    1. Melinda. I’m thrilled you felt you could share your heart here. I’m really sad about your son’s current struggles. You are standing on God’s Word – that is your battle posture. Psalm 126 says when we sow in tears we will reap a harvest with shouts of joy. I am sure of God and His harvest in Your son’s life. I will join you in praying for him. God is the Overcomer.

      1. I’m really sad, too. It is very painful to watch someone “self destruct” right before your eyes. I’ve been through a lot but nothing as devastating.

        For reasons, which I don’t understand, I’ve felt impressed to share this with you for awhile. Yet the time never seemed right until today.

        Perhaps it is because God has given you the faith to stand with people dealing with addiction in one way or another.

        Yes, God’s Word. It is my hope. He (God) is not a man that He can lie.

        Thank you for praying. It means more than words can express. This was a huge step for me. I hope it wasn’t TMI for your blog but it just felt like TIME!