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Because of Jesus Katie Has Hope for a Forever Marriage

It has become all too real for me lately that divorce happens. Couples split up, families are torn apart, and people suffer. I am blessed to have parents still married to one another who will celebrate 40 years in 2012, wow. I have also come to realize how rare that is. I myself being a married woman (2 years December 22) have developed a passionate spirit for marriage. Not just my own marriage, but all of the married people in my life. I want a forever marriage, what about you?

Did you know that marriage isn’t easy? That it is one of the most difficult things a person will ever do. Did you also know that it’s worth it? That a couple who makes it through the fire will be blessed and rewarded for it? Lately I feel like the world around me has decided that marriage is too hard and it’s not worth it…the world is wrong.

We are living in the “me” generation. A generation built on feelings. Can I be honest? NEVER TRUST YOUR FEELINGS. The way you feel today, right now in this very moment, will change drastically in a day, month, and year. You cannot trust your feelings because they’re emotional, they’re not based on what is true. If you ask me, the ONLY thing in this life worth trusting is God’s Word. It never fails, it’s built on truth, and it is everything pure and good.

a forever marriage, Matt & Katie Gumm

Matt & Katie Gumm

This is me being real….I have found myself in positions where I had a choice to make. Do what feels fun and tempting right now or put it up against God’s Word and make my decision based on that. You know what, God’s Word has never steered me wrong. I can admit that my sweet husband and I have our moments of “poopiness” we call them, where we don’t necessarily treat each other the way we should…or react the way we should, but we know where we stand when it comes to our commitment to each other and it’s ONLY because of God. If we made decisions based on our “feelings”…there is no way our marriage would survive, and we know that.

I have close friends struggling right now in their marriages and I have a physical ache in my heart for them. An ache because I know not only are their feelings hurt and they feel sad…but decisions such as divorce can leave life-long scars. Thankfully there is Jesus to wipe away such pain and scars, but wouldn’t it be great to encourage them through the fire and see Jesus heal their situation before having to go to that extreme. He is such a mighty God, and I will never pretend to understand His ways, but I do know He would want me to encourage my friends in their marriages and to help them find joy and healing in Him.

The bottom line for me and what makes the difference and gives me hope for a forever marriage is Jesus. Without Him and His Word we are a world lost. My prayer is that Jesus will use me as an advocate for marriage, that people will see Him in me, and that my marriage is a reflection of His love. Thank you Jesus for the hope we have in You!

Katie is married to her best friend Matt and they celebrate 2 years of marriage on December 22. She is a graduate of Missouri State University with her degree in Public Relations and currently serves as Publicist for New Leaf Publishing Group. She loves her church and enjoys serving in the women’s ministry and media department at Woodland Hills Family Church in Branson, MO. Connect with Katie at or

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