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Because of Jesus: Tracee’s Hope

Welcome to Week 2 of the Because of Jesus blog series.

Who do you see in your mind’s eye when you hear the name of Jesus? Do you see the cross? Do you see perfection? Do you see kindness? Do you see hope? Do you feel confused? Afraid? Unworthy?

What we believe about Jesus is very important to how we  respond to the gospel of grace. This series is designed to help us “SEE” His love revealed in the lives of others. In today’s “Because of Jesus” post, Tracee Persiko tells how her life is different because of Him and His love for her.

No one really anticipates when life takes a turn for the “forever different.” No one necessarily sees it coming.

No one intentionally invites pain and the wounds that take a life time of grief to process through.

No one.

But it happens.

This night was just like any other. Routines were in place. My day started out “normally,” but ended forever changing me. Words of my father’s confessed affair came in slow motion as the mushroom cloud of my life went up that September night 15 years ago.

Not a life change I was anticipating. Definitely not a forever different I was wanting.

Where and who was Jesus in the midst of my heart’s mess?

Ironically, I had just given my life to Christ a few weeks before at a Young Life weekend retreat. I was now facing the reality of sin and forgiveness in ways I never prepared for.

I sit here shaking my head at his goodness. I can honestly say that God became the only sure thing in my life. He was/is the only constant and one worthy of my trust.

It is really hard to see sin. It is even harder to feel the deep effects of sin. I have learned that we are all fully capable of deep sin, but so glad that Jesus provides and alternative way.

My father made a decision that forever affected my life. So did Jesus. He made a decision to die for me that forever affected my eternity. Because of Jesus, I am eternally grateful for someone who provided a way for me to really know different. I have a real healer for my deep pain.

Without God, we have no way of knowing a different life, or life at all. This truth deserves all of me.

Because of Jesus, how is your life different?

Tracee is a speaker and writer with a master’s in Professional Counseling. She cares deeply about the heart and story of other people. When it comes to areas of passion, Tracee enjoys speaking on topics including: leadership development, cultivating character, second mile living, identity in Christ, and carrying the weight of your influence well. Her heart is all about empowering others to believe different and live different.

About Jennifer O. White

I’m a simple wife who has discovered God’s amazing gift of prayer. Here at Prayerfully Speaking I share my journey of unwrapping this gift. God invites us to ask Him, but His enemy works diligently to keep that from happening. I hope to offer you encouragement to believe God is ready to pour more into your life than you’ve ever imaged.

23 Replies

  1. I love your heart so much, Tracee.

  2. I love your heart, Tracee! So grateful for your real-ness…

    1. Thank you, Alece! I love your heart so much.

  3. We really never do know when those unexpected life interruptions will happen. I am so thankful that our God is in control and those things don’t shake Him like they do us. He truly is the greatest counselor and comforter anyone could ever know.

    1. Well said, Haelie! I am so grateful that God is in even more control when life feels out of control. So glad he is never shaken. I hope you know this truth about him more and everyday. I hope we both do.

  4. As Christians, we can walk with Him and still have deep wounds within. Childhood hurts had been buried in my heart which affected my marriage and my relationships with my parents. I had always thought ‘if they don’t ask for forgiveness, God did not expect me to forgive”. You see, I treated them with kindness what more did God want? After all, only Jesus forgave them because they didn’t know what they were doing, right? WRONG!

    I think one of the hardest and yet most shaping path Jesus takes us on is forgiveness of others. We definitely embrace forgiveness from Him, but giving it to others was even something the apostles’ struggled with (Peter – 7 times, Lord?). Childhood hurts had been buried in my heart which affected my marriage and my relationships with my parents. I had always thought ‘if they don’t ask for forgiveness, God did not expect me to forgive”. But that is one of ‘lies’ Satan feeds us to keep us from the POWER of joy and freedom of forgiving others.

    Praise Him, that God showed me the truth and gave me the strength to lay it at His feet. I firmly believe that obedience opened 4 of the sweetest years with my Dad and the healing of the Mother/daughter relationship.Mom’s support of my marriage has been amazing after years of feeling pulled between her and my husband. My husband laughs when I come back from a visit when I share her encouragement to be a better helpmate to him.

    Daddy came to Christ and when he died earlier this year, I knew all was well between us. So my tears are not for what should of been, but joy of being together again in eternity. I dream of heavenly hugs!

    Truly, by His stripes we can be healed!

    1. Your words are so beautiful Debra. I am so glad you had some really sweet years with your father. such healing and freedom in that for you. I love that your mom gives you lots of advice, ha!

      Forgiveness is such a surrendering thing. it is hard, but does provide the necessary steps to bring the heart to the place of exhale. So grateful your heart knew that with your parents.

  5. Thank you for sharing. So good to hear how Jesus is so real in your life regardless of our sin, and the sins of others. Jesus truly is the only constant goodness we have.

    1. I’ll fist bump to that! So glad he has captured your heart Moe!

  6. Tracee, Your thought a few weeks ago of “didn’t see that coming” has stuck with me. I love how in that post you talked about the great surprises of Jesus, and how here you are again saying how wonderfully different He makes our lives. My life has purpose – everyday, in every situation because of Him. When my 1st husband died in a ski accident at age 27, I knew that at my age of 26, God had a purpose for me. He has never let me down in that, and I’m thrilled to be getting to know you on this part of the journey.

    Thank God for His perfect love and healing and grace!

    1. Jennifer White

      Sara – thank you for sharing your story with us. If you’d like to be a guest blogger for our “Because of Jesus” series, let me know. Blessings!

    2. Such deep grief you have known Sara. I am so so sorry for that ache in you. You have known God in “only consistent” type of way too. Bittersweet. I am so glad he has met you in your heart’s ache. Thank you for sharing such a tender thing. Grateful to be getting to know you as well.

  7. Sweet friend, this is beautiful…Your life redeemed is beautiful. He is crafting you into a tenderhearted, passionate believer. It’s a joy to know you, Tracee.

    1. THank you for your sweet words, Angie! It is a joy to know you as well!!

  8. Because of Jeus, I can be loving and honest at the same time. I can take solace in the fact that living with strength means living with “joy of the lord”. I am free to be bold and daring for His name and I am directed by Him to “resist the devil”.

    All this simply because Jesus is my Savior and that’s just off the top of my head…

    Jesus is just beautiful.

    1. Jennifer White

      “loving and honest at the same time” – that is a beautiful thing! thanks for reminding us and thanks for stopping by to read and comment.

    2. Such great words out of you, Joel!! Love how you said, “loving and honest at the same time!” that’ll preach! Such a true statement. Thank you for sharing your great heart, friend!

  9. This was very powerful and moving, Tracee. And I can so relate.

    It seems that if we live long enough that at some point in life each one of us are faced with a life change that was not anticipated. Some of them are pleasant but many are painful. This you already know.

    I honestly can’t imagine what people do without Jesus. Well actually, since like you I am a counselor, I hear a lot of what people do in an attempt to deal and cope without Him. It’s even more painful than the initial blow that comes with these knock-down experiences.

    Your story is a wonderful reminder of this simple yet profound truth…”He was/is the only constant and one worthy of my trust.” I know that many can relate to this post and it is my prayer that those who do will give Jesus a try.

    He is more than I’d ever hoped for and very trustable.

    Thanks for sharing this!

    1. Thank you so much for your words, Melinda. I appreciate that you know what it is also like to watch/listen to people search so hard for life and come up empty. I appreciate your shared compassion for broken hearts struggling to find something constant; something solid. I hate to think you have known brokenness in some way, but compassion knows compassion, pain recognizes pain. I appreciate your heart and thoughts so much. Thank you!

      I don’t doubt that people are thinking about risking with Jesus because of your heart for them.