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Hope for Your Marriage

“Hope for Your Marriage: 31 War Room Prayers gives a practical approach for wives to have a powerful and effective prayer life for her marriage.  Jennifer’s words will draw you close to the heart of God and your husband.  It’s an awesome resource for every wife!”

– Jolene Engle
Author of 
Wives of the Bible and blogger at


Hope For Your Marriage is now available as a paperback and Kindle eBook formats!


Hope For Your Marriage

The challenges of your marriage may indeed be too much for you to sort out, but NOTHING is impossible for God. He is your Wonderful Counselor and Victorious Warrior. He is ready to bear your burdens, impart His perfect perspective, and demolish the ideas that separate you and your husband.

You are at war, but your husband is not your enemy. Evil forces conspire to destroy your sacred union. Our Almighty God has proven His power to defeat Satan, and He has equipped you with simple, yet supernaturally effective weapons.

Praying for your marriage is fighting for your marriage. With each prayer, you bring the vulnerable places of your relationship to God who generously provides His strength and sufficiency. The thirty-one Scriptural prayers in this book will equip you to:

  • Fight from a place of victory
  • Fight for what will last
  • Fight for your good gifts
  • Fight for freedom from strongholds

Each prayer is written like a psalm to help you express your feelings to God, reach for His help, and remind yourself of His promises. Scriptures references for each prayer are provided along with a journaling opportunity to make the conversation with God more personal.

 This is a winnable war. With God, there is hope for your marriage.

What Others are Saying about Hope for Your Marriage

Jennifer has written a book that will powerfully transform any marriage – whether in the midst of struggle or the mundane day-to-day. Full of Scriptural truth and guided prayers for your husband and your heart, this is a must read to restore (or keep!) hope in your marriage.Phylicia Masonheimer, Blogger/Author of the book Christian Cosmo
An excellent guide to help you pray for your marriage!  In the same manner, as Beth Moore’s Praying God’s Word, Hope for Your Marriage: 31 War Room Prayers will equip you to fight for your marriage.  A how-to book that will give you hope and confidence as you ask God to do what He already wants to do for your marriage. I will recommend it to many of my clients!Gil Martin, Counselor/Smalley Marriage Coach