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Prayers Spoken, Lives Changed

Free eBook to Encourage Your Faith in God 

Prayers Spoken, Lives Changed: God’s Extraordinary Love for 18 Ordinary People is a short ebook is filled with real life problems that were given to God in prayer. Each problem was met with the incredible power of God. Each victory reminds us that God is alive. God hears. God moves on behalf of His people when they call out to Him for help.


Be encouraged.

God is Who He says He is. He is proving it all around us. We can depend on Him. He and His Word are alive and active.

He is aware of you and your needs.

Join with me in celebrating this God who is faithful to each of us. Let these accounts of His faithfulness fill you with hope.

God is listening to you. God wants you to discover new depths of His giving, shepherding nature.

Download this faith bolstering ebook now. It’s free when you subscribe to the Prayerfully Speaking weekly blog.