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Can You Say … “It’s Going to Be a Wonderful Day”?

Thanks to Clara Hinton for sharing this guest post today.

author, Clara Hinton

Mother of eleven bright, beautiful children!  Grandmother of even more!  A home in the mountains with a breathtaking view. A job that is a dream-come-true.  So many friends that it is impossible to feel alone.  Every necessity of life, plus more.  What a wonderful life!

Alcoholic mother.  Forgotten and left behind by a father.  Experiencing the death of a young sister and a stillborn son.  A husband who committed crimes that will keep him imprisoned for the rest of his life.  Sharing the pain of children who must now see their father through prison bars.

Both are honest accounts of my life.  I’ve been blessed beyond words with some incredible mountaintop experiences.  And, I’ve had storms enter my life comparable to tsunamis. 

There is something that presses on my heart every day.  Something that I must share with the world, and that something is Jesus.  When I was just twelve years old, I began reading the bible and something incredible happened to me.  I fell in love with a man called Jesus and He has remained the love of my life.  He is the most faithful friend I’ve ever known.  He has shared every one of my joys, and He has given me a rock-solid foundation to stand on when I’m being tossed about by the raging storms of life.

I love sharing the story of my sometimes crazy and not-so-normal life because it gives me the opportunity to share why I can get up every morning and know with absolute certainty that it is going to be a wonderful day of blessings.  Because of Jesus, I can stand in the middle of the biggest messes of life and feel arms wrapped around me with love.  Because of Jesus, I can live! 

clara hinton and a portion of her family

I met Clara Hinton through New Leaf Publishing Group. She is an author or two books, Tender Thoughts for Couples and Silent Grief. Clara is one motivated, inspiring woman. I am thrilled that God has allowed me to see Himself in her life. And now you’ve seen a glimpse of the love of Jesus that Clara shares with the world. Please pray for Clara and several of her children who are in Haiti on a missions trip right now.

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  1. Clara, inspired by your perseverance. I look forward to meeting you someday! 🙂

  2. Janetmmoriarty

    What an inspiring testimony.  Thank you for sharing it.  Janet