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Share a Prayer: Greeting Cards by Jennifer O. White

For at least 20 years, I’ve quietly desired to accomplish two things: paint and create greeting cards. By God’s extraordinary grace, those two things are becoming a reality in my life. Painting is allowing me a creative outlet that gives me much needed time away from the computer and television. It’s a form of stillness that helps to restore my soul. Each original painting is a gift or for sale. Some of them are digitally mastered and become covers for this new line of prayer greeting cards.

Each card is a 5×7 piece of framable art on one side and a prayer with the supporting Scripture on the back.

Praying for someone is such a powerful act of love. These cards assist you in praying a simple, Scriptural prayer and letting them know about it. Seeing the prayer you prayed will touch their heart and fortify their faith.

In August, I’ll have the cards for sale on Etsy and in a local gift shop in Monroe, Louisiana. Who knows where these cards and prayers will land. I would love your prayers for this adventure in using the gifts God has given me to serve the body of Christ. Thanks friends!

*pictures coming soon