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Deleting Distractions

In the last week, I’ve had some downtime. Precious downtime. Those few and far between moments when I can be still.  And I found myself playing catch up on email, Facebook, Pinterest, Words with Friends and Draw free.


I’m currently reading Abby Lewis’ book – Blossoming out of the Valley: Finding Peace and Stillness with God. YES – Stillness.

But I have so many options for my time, for my focus. Yeah – I make sure I read the Bible and pray. But am I still? Still enough to hear God?

I was still enough last week to realize I have to eliminate more options. I had already deleted Facebook and email from my cell phone. But I replaced them with Words with Friends and Draw Free. Today, I deleted 10 apps from my phone including those two very fun, creative, challenging games. Not because they were bad for me. Not because there is a rule as a Christian that you can’t play a game on your phone or have any fun. It is because I need to find a way to be still.

if only I could put my cell phone downPsalm 23 says that “He leads me beside quiet waters and refreshes my soul.” I am pretty sure I am missing the still, quiet waters and refreshment when I fill every spare moment with something for my brain and hands to do.

As I read My Utmost for His Highest today (April 1), God confirmed to me that He is leading me into a closer relationship with Him. He is the source of my desire to delete these distractions.

  “… we must put a stop to such distractions and get into such a living relationship with God that our relationship with others is maintained through the work of intercession, where God works His miracles.” Oswald Chambers

He created within me a desire to pray for others. I lead people in prayer regularly. But how great is my prayer life if I can’t be still? How can I know Him and His will? How can I pray for others and myself if I’m mentally exhausted?

I want to be radical in my pursuit of Him. I am willing to be weird so that I can hear His voice and have my soul restored. May He continue to lead me in choosing what is best (Him) over what is good.

What distractions could you delete this week? What good things need to be eliminated so you can enjoy the BEST?

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I'm a simple wife who has discovered God's amazing gift of prayer. Here at Prayerfully Speaking I share my journey of unwrapping this gift. God invites us to ask Him, but His enemy works diligently to keep that from happening. I hope to offer you encouragement to believe God is ready to pour more into your life than you've ever imaged.

4 Replies

  1. Abby Lewis

    So proud of you for making these choices.  God is drawing you closer and closer to Him.  Love you Friend.

  2. Lyn Smith

    Amen, sister! I’ve been feeling this more and more. Glad I’m not alone. Either that means we’re not weird, or we’re weird together.  : )  

  3. Mikala

    Yes this is a NOW word