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He Bends Down to Listen

Enjoy today’s guest post from a dear lady and friend, Judy Groll.

I love the LORD because he hears my voice
and my prayer for mercy. Because he bends down to listen,
I will pray as long as I have breath! Psalm 116:1

 I walked by the suitcase on the floor of my bedroom several times during the day. My daughter needed me to help with our grand little sweethearts for a few days and upon my return emptying the suitcase was a procrastination of mine. All to do was bending down and pick up the contents; pull out the dirty clothes in the separate bag enclosed and put away the rest of the items. However, I walked on by with more important task around the home to tend to.

A picture of Christ through the scripture above quickly passes my thoughts. Christ never procrastinates because He always has the final answer to our problems in the works. Pulling out the unnecessary nuances from our lives, while showing mercy for our shortcomings, in order to answer our prayers according to His will not ours, is a gift we sometimes walk by focusing more on the length of days until the answer is given than the gift of mercy itself. Because He not only hears my voice but also, bends down to listen, I will pray as long as I have breath.

Just knowing after I pray and seek Him, He bends down to listen, no matter what the circumstance is in my life… gives me the encouragement and motivation each day to overcome all obstacles in my way is a blessing I never want to take for granted. The suitcase and dirty clothes may have been an obstacle in my way each day but just know you are never an obstacle in Jesus’ way. He’s ready to hear your hearts cry, show mercy for your need, listen to every hidden desire and concern, and answer every breath you pray!

He’s Listening…. don’t wait to pray!

From my heart2home to yours,

Judy “GG”

After serving in fulltime ministry for over 15 years, Judy has worked as a Women’s Minister, Young Married Adult Director and in other areas of church ministry such as dealing with marriage, single life, and the family. She now works out of her home as a novice writer, blogger and small group leader to a wonderful group of ladies and caregiver to her almost 80 year old mother who suffered a stroke 5 years ago. (Be sure to watch for “Momma Stories” on her blog! Her mom’s a hoot! She has been married to Dennis Groll for 32 years this December and they have a beautiful daughter, Lindsey and son-in-law, Stan along with two precious granddaughters,  Anniston and Charlotte.  They are also blessed with a very kind hearted son, Matthew who is apprenticing as a Chef in New Orleans.  Please check out her new blog

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