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Know Who Your Husband is to God

This post is an excerpt from my upcoming Book: Prayers for New Brides: Putting on the Armor After the Wedding Dress. It was featured at


How do you see your husband? What do you see in him? What do you hope for him?

See what God sees in your husband

Do you look at him and see your personal need meeter? bill payer? listener?

When he speaks to you, do you hear his interests? his hopes and dreams?

When you hope for something for your husband, is it that he will change, be more ______, or less ______? Do you hope for a better job for him? Do wish he could be a better ________?

Do you think about him the way your mom thinks of your dad? Have you usurped her “these characteristics = good husband” mindset? What about your married girl friends? Have you decided a husband is who your friend says her husband is?

I hate to admit it, but the man I married has been the victim of comparison and my imagination. Shame on me! I married a unique person, one of God’s unrepeated masterpieces. I chose the multi-dimensional artwork. I said “I do” to enjoying this incredible creation for the rest of my life.

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