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Marriage: Celebrating the Sublime Ordinary

this is the second letter Matt & Katie Gumm received as a wedding gift from the Fanslers.
To read read the first one, click here.

Anybody can fall in love. Some people make a career of it in fact, falling for someone new over and over again. They may get the drama and thrill of new love, but they miss something they can never understand. Looking back over our eleven married years, there are obviously the intense moments that make the highlight reel—graduations, our first house, the births of children, reconciliations, holding each other through hardships, and exquisite times when the romantic magic is just right.

But there is something else. It almost defies description, but I believe at the end of my life the things I will remember and treasure the most are the layers upon layers upon layers of ordinary memories associated with just one man. Thousands of winter mornings snuggling to the snooze button, meals chatting across the table, road trips with long conversations, evenings experiencing the same book, hardships and amusements of caring for the children who split our genes. They are like the layers of an oil painting. Each day individually seems so plain and unremarkable, but slowly applied on top of each other, something extraordinary emerges. It is the unique masterpiece of our life spent together. No one else can fully understand or appreciate it. It is ours and ours alone.

May you be blessed with long years together, punctuated by thrilling moments and filled to the brim with the sublime ordinary.


Judah and Jenni Fansler are high school sweethearts who celebrated their 13th wedding anniversary this past August. They currently make their home in the beautiful Missouri Ozarks with their four young children. Judah is an artist who makes his living as owner of Judah Creative Studio. Jenni is a busy homemaker and homeschooler, as well as the part-time accountant and full-time cheerleader for Judah Creative Studio.

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  1. Rosella Kasper

    Love this. Juddah and Jenni remind me of my daughter and her husband. They were high school sweethearts, have been married going on ten years, have three beautiful boys and have weathered the good and the bad. I couldn’t help thinking of them as I read this post. In fact, I forwarded it to her. I wish I could say the same for my life. But thank God for His Grace, and I have a wonderful husband now that I can still make memories with.