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Marriage Restored: Penny’s Story

I’m so excited for you to hear Penny’s story. Find out how God ministered to her in the years she and her husband were separated and divorced. See how she related to God in the midst of intense grief. God sustained her and restored her marriage after they spent twelve years apart. This is a God is Able, Ephesians 3:20 testimony!

Penny’s experience paints a picture of God’s faithfulness to us in the worst times. I hope you will watch the video and let it encourage your faith. She is a great example of how to put your hope in the Lord. Her story shows how God can redeem our mistakes in amazing ways. God surprised her with “more than she could have asked or imagined” testimony that she joyfully shares today.

Be Encouraged!

For nothing is impossible with God. – Luke 1:37

Jesus looked at them intently and said, “Humanly speaking, it is impossible. But with God everything is possible. – Matthew 19:26

“I am the LORD, the God of all the peoples of the world. Is anything too hard for me? – Jeremiah 32:27

There is so much to learn from Penny’s experience. One of my big take-aways is the importance of putting God first in my heart and my husband first in my daily life. I would love to hear what you are taking away from her story. Let me know in the comments.

Meanwhile I pray that you are filled with hope that God is able, through His mighty power at work within us, to accomplish infinitely MORE than you can ask or imagine in your situation. (Ephesians 3:20)

About Jennifer O. White

I'm a simple wife who has discovered God's amazing gift of prayer. Here at Prayerfully Speaking I share my journey of unwrapping this gift. God invites us to ask Him, but His enemy works diligently to keep that from happening. I hope to offer you encouragement to believe God is ready to pour more into your life than you've ever imaged.

8 Replies

  1. Cheryl

    Penny’s story was so uplifting and encouraging to me. I too am waiting for a restarted marriage. Her story has renewed my hope and my faith. Thank you so much for sharing it. May God bless you for helping me to not give up but to continue to believe. And the salvation of my husband.

    1. Penny

      Cheryl, please don’t give up! I felt like giving up many times. It’s so hard when you’re in the middle of all the pain. Dig into God’s Word. Spend time with Jesus. Be honest with Him when you are discouraged, angry, or afraid. Take one breath at a time and move forward. Give the Holy Spirit time to work on you and your husband. He is Faithful. I will be praying for you.

  2. Jaimie Hawkins

    I was suprised to hear that Penny was divorced then remarried her husband many years later. The point of the video that particularly touched me was Penny realizing God promise of “swift”. Too often we hear a promise from God and expect something to happen overnight. I loved Penny’s honest about her struggles as well.
    Jennifer, this video confirms what you said in your book on page 64, “Standing as an armored bride in a spiritual battle for your marriage…is a courageous stance proclaiming that you are confident in the One fighting for you”. He is the victorious warrior and defender of marriages. Amen.

    1. Penny

      Jaimie, like you, the aha moment of realizing God’s idea of swift and how it can differ from mine was a big turning point in my faith walk. It has really helped me to be willing to wait on God’s timing and also on God’s Way – not my way. His ways are so much higher and greater than anything I could expect. David and I pray that many lives will be touched and encouraged by our story – which is really God’s story!

  3. Emily

    Thank you for sharing your story penny. My marriage has been in turmoil for quite some time now. I’m at the point of just wanting to be alone with my children. He’s had a child with someone else and is back in our home. He has not cut ties with her like he said he would. I told him I was willing to work on things and have this baby be a part of our lives. Now that he’s home I feel trapped. I’ve been seeking the Lord and praying for what seems like so long. I too want to give God every opportunity to restore our marriage. My prayer right now is that I can be still and listen for His voice in the midst of the enemy continually throwing things my way.

    1. Penny

      Emily, I am just seeing this. My heart breaks for you. I too will pray that you will hear The Father’s small still voice in the midst of your chaos. He is not the author of confusion. He will honor your heartbroken cry that wants His will in your life. I am praying for your husband’s eyes and heart to be opened to the truth of God’s Word. I am praying for the children involved to be protected and shielded from the arrows the enemy has directed at them. I am praying for you to be covered by the wings of the Father and for you to find rest in the battle. My prayers are with you.

  4. Lisa Moore

    Thank you so much! I made a horrible decision to leave my husband (and kids) to live with another man. I guess I thought the grass was greener, that I had found my soul mate. After ten months I believe God prompted me to pray for our marriage. I moved out and have been alone for nine months. My husband refuses to consider reconciliation. .. I did have a few prior affairs. He says God healed his heart. He has been dating a woman for over a year. I continue to pray for God to change his heart. He is working in me. Thank you for your story of hope. I would like to be able to post my own story of marriage restored one day.

    1. Penny

      Lisa, I hope that you will
      be able to post a similar story as well one day. For now, continue to be in God’s Word and draw close to Him. I pray not only for a restoration of the marriage but also for the restoration of people. For you, your husband, the children, and friends and family who have been hurt. It’s a process. It’s a journey. Don’t give up along the way. Keep believing. God is a saving, healing, restoring God. These things usually take time. I am adding you to my prayers of ladies who are living Ephesians 3:20.