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I am enjoying a new Bible Study by Kay Arthur, Lord Teach Me to Pray. This week has been refreshing discovery on the character of God. Kay teaches us to rehearse the character of God in worship. In these three prayers (1 Samuel 2:1-10, Jeremiah 32:16-25, and Daniel 2:19-23) I found God to be: the […]

Broken Down and Put Together

I found a great prayer reading the Bible today. My mind has been in high gear for quite a while now and I needed to break down what I was reading so that I could put it together in my mind. I am so thankful that the information below is true for me….and for you. […]

Lucy Inspires Me

shaving cream and cereal face, originally uploaded by Woodland Hills Family Church. This sweet girl inspired me today. Look at her. She was so proud to show me her face that was covered with shaving cream and dotted with cereal. (a part of the games enjoyed by kids at Woodland Hills Family Church’s Summer Hoopla […]

Safe to Say?

If you knew that anything you said or thought was “safe,” what would you say to God? I am beginning to realize that I don’t always feel safe with God. Seems that when I feel frustrated and bogged down in my relationship with God – it’s because I don’t feel like I am measuring up. […]

Doing Nothing

In my last post I promised a follow-up blog on my life as an oak tree. I’m still thinking about this and apologize for my delay. But here’s the problem: I do too much! And so, I have neglected the “planted by streams of living water” portion of being an oak tree. I feel tired. […]

Me? an Oak Tree

Ancient Tree Of Life, originally uploaded by MarkReqs. In central Louisiana (where I spent the first 28 years of my life) you will find oak trees that look like the one in this photo. It takes a big vocabulary to find adjectives to describe these trees. In my Bible Study last night I found the […]

Life Together

David and I are celebrating eleven years of marriage today.  On this day in 1998, we pledged our love to each other at Bonnie Brook Plantation north of Branson, MO.  After dating for three years, I had finally convinced him that I would be  a good wife to him. Our life together has been an […]

A Cool Breeze for my Soul

I have to admit that I need a little encouragement every now and then.  I don’t often think to myself, “if I could just get a little encouragement around here it would be nice!”  For me, it goes more like this: I am pressing through the days, getting as much done as possible at work […]

Energized by a Sword Fight!

I’ve never held a real life sword –  the kind you see in the movies. But yesterday I was inspired to use a different sword. I read in my favorite devotional book, Come Away My Beloved, that praising God makes Him very happy and the enemy of our souls most unhappy. The author, Frances J. […]

Healing – Sometimes

I had a discussion with a friend today on God’s healing because just this week, God inspired me to HOPE in Him more when I heard two healing miracle stories within 1 hour. I love these stories. They renew my faith in a God that is ABLE to do more than I can ask or […]