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Healing – Sometimes

I had a discussion with a friend today on God’s healing because just this week, God inspired me to HOPE in Him more when I heard two healing miracle stories within 1 hour. I love these stories. They renew my faith in a God that is ABLE to do more than I can ask or […]

The Faith of this Child

Introducing my nephew, Samuel.  In the last five years, his big faith has wowed me. Conversations and Quotes with Samuel: AGE 5 Aunt Jen: Samuel, you are reading so well. You are learning so much at pre-school. Samuel: I didn’t learn to read at pre-school, Aunt Jen Aunt Jen: Well, I know your mom has […]

Super Healthy, Super Food Soup

I love to make a recipe “mine” and I love to eat healthy. It seems that soup is an easy way to cook once, eat often and healthfully. So – here’s my latest (easy) creation in the kitchen using SUPER Healthy, SUPER Foods. Super Healthy, Super Food Soup Ingredients: 32 oz Chicken Broth (reduced sodium […]

Who I am, Who I am not…

So happy to find out that I am who God says I am in His word. WOW – where has this info been all my life? He created me, thinks about me (Psalm 144:3 & Jeremiah 29:11) and has plans for me.

God has My Attention.

I am inspired today. It’s taken quite a few days to get here, and to be honest, I’ve wondered when I would be have the energy to put the thoughts together. Today….the energy to write arrived. Recovery from surgery takes time, and so does rest for the soul. I’ve been “off my game” physically, spiritually […]

Beside still waters….

It’s Springtime in Louisiana where the live oak trees are larger than life and the grass leads you to the muddy bayou waters. These are the still waters of my youth. I was fortunate to spend the weekend in my hometown (Meeker, LA which is too small to be a town). There was something about […]