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Party Drinks of the Southern Kind: Almond Tea

My mom is known for her Almond Tea. She can woo anyone off a sugar free diet with an invitation to a glass full of her special brew.

I recently served her simple recipe at a very special rehearsal dinner: Mr. & Mrs. Jonathan Hill.

Comments included “Omg – what is that?”, “Where did you buy that?”, and “Really – you made it? I have to know what’s in it!”.  So I thought you might enjoy the recipe.

Janet Moriarty’s Almond Tea:

Mom in her kitchen with Big Daddy

2 cups boiled water
3 family sized tea bags (I used Luzianne Green Tea)
1 cup sugar (of course you can use Splenda)
1 tsp vanilla extract
1 1/2 tsp almond extract
Juice of 3 lemons or 6 T. of lemon juice
6 cups cold water

Boil 2 cups of water, reduce to simmer and steep tea bags for 5 minutes. Add sugar, extracts, and lemon juice. Simmer and stir until sugar is dissolved. Add cold water and chill.

Surprise your family with this special tea and let me know if they like it.

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I’m a simple wife who has discovered God’s amazing gift of prayer. Here at Prayerfully Speaking I share my journey of unwrapping this gift. God invites us to ask Him, but His enemy works diligently to keep that from happening. I hope to offer you encouragement to believe God is ready to pour more into your life than you’ve ever imaged.

3 Replies

  1. Almond tea is the bomb!! Ahhh….such refreshing nectar!! 🙂

    1. admin

      You betcha! Have a great Christmas celebration Kela!

    2. jenniferowhite

      Kela – it’s a family favorite here! Blessings to your family!