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Mom & Nana with Eggnog

Our Christmas celebrations include at least one family tradition – homemade eggnog.  It is so good, I would give up every gift and every other dessert to make sure I get a glass.

Just today mom told the story of being invited into the kitchen of Aunt Marcelite on New Years eve to make eggnog by scratch. She was very young at the time and remembers that the whipping was done with a fork!  A fork – not a mixer or even a whisk!  Not a Rachel Ray 30 minute meal menu item for sure!

My mom has made the nog for years, and recently my sister in law added the tradition to make sure that everyone gets to enjoy the good stuff!  My brother, Travis, made the recipe this time and it was fabulous!  I can’t be left out – so I’m planning to make a fresh batch for New Years Day. (My mother in law has requested a cup or two.)

That’s four generations of homemade eggnog.  It’s certainly not a necessary element of celebrating the birth of our Messiah. But it does make the celebration sweeter.  For us, the nog means we are family, we are celebrated, and we are together. Thanks Mom for carrying the eggnog into our generation!  I applaud your selection!

What tradition are you passing down through the generations?

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