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Even So, I Will Praise Him { a blog series }

Happy New Year to you, friend!

I’m kicking off 2015 with a new series entitled, Even So, I Will Praise Him. It is aimed at prayerfully focusing our minds and our mouths on God’s goodness in the midst of life’s most difficult circumstances.


“I will praise the LORD at all times. I will constantly speak his praises.”
Psalm 34:1 NLT (emphasis mine)

In the Psalms, we get a picture of the ups and downs of life lived with God. King David had great victories but not without bouts of sadness and real suffering. In Psalm 34:1 he encourages himself to praise God at all times …. constantly. I’ll admit that I’m certainly not even close to that yet. But I’m sensing the Lord is directing me to go there. The first nudge came last year during a group Bible study.

In the midst of her teaching, Barbara told the story of how she praised God during one of her family’s biggest crises. She explained how she could only sleep a few hours each night. She would awake, grab her Bible and begin praising God. As the words came out of her mouth, God painted a picture of this truth so vividly, so unforgettably. Her words ring in my ears … “I praised God through it.”

Praising God when life is desperate sounds as difficult as climbing Mount Everest. But the Bible gives us examples of real people that proved it’s possible.

In Psalm 31, David declares that his trust is in God even though he feels like he is dying from grief. As I read the whole chapter, I can almost see him fling himself over the hurdle of what is wrong so that he can refocus on praising God. The note in my study Bible explains, “David will again walk a road that takes him from anguish to assurance … the psalmist’s testimonies passionately celebrate the sufficiencies of God.”

Celebrate His Sufficiency

Through King David and my friend Barbara, I hear God inviting us to celebrate His sufficiency in the midst of grief, abandonment, chronic illness, addiction, cancer, depression, and more. Whatever we face, we can celebrate God and His faithfulness. We can honor His name and His character. When we can’t see an end to our situation or how it could possibly turn around, we can declare His goodness and His majesty.

Throughout this Even So, I Will Praise Him series, we will respond to this invitation to praise Him through specific hardships. We will look at His providing, sustaining and redeeming nature. Would you like to share your testimony of His faithfulness in a very difficult time? I would love to include it in the upcoming posts. Please send it to me in an email (prayer @ jenniferowhite dot com).

Until our next post, here is my prayer for both of us:

Holy Father, we want to learn how to praise You even when we hurt so badly. Cultivate the soil of our hearts so this Truth takes root and bears fruit in our lives. Help us to resist the temptation to be self-focused and consumed with despair. Let 2015 become the year of sincere faith in Your sufficiency. You are worthy to be praised. Help us to spend the rest of our days declaring Your goodness. In Jesus I pray. Amen

 How has praising God lifted You out of a time of great despair?

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