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Praying for the Lost {amazing true story}

partner with God by praying for lost souls


A small booklet entitled, Praying Effectively for the Lost by Lee Thomas is stirring my heart to invest more time praying for people who are lost. It has opened my eyes to the need and the effort it requires.

In the book, Mr. Thomas shares the following testimony of a wife who models persevering in prayer for her husband. Her tenacity and endurance are unforgettable. God’s answer to her prayers shines a floodlight on the truth that nothing is impossible with God.


“Friends, about two and a half or three years ago I was in the hospital in Philadelphia. I was an engineer on the Pennsylvania Lines, and although I had a praying wife, I had all my life been a sinful man. At this time I was very ill, I became greatly wasted. I weighed less than one hundred pounds

Finally the doctor who was attending me said to my wife that I was dead, but she said: “No, he is not dead. He cannot be dead. I have prayed for him for twenty-seven years and God has promised me that he would be saved. Do you think God would let him die now after I have prayed twenty-seven years and God has promised and he is not saved?” “Well,” the doctor replied, “I don’t know anything about that, but I know that he is dead.” And the screen was drawn around the cot, which in the hospital separates between the living and the dead.

To satisfy my wife, other physicians were brought, one after another, until seven were about the cot, and each one of them as he came up and made the examination confirmed the testimony of all who had preceded. The seven doctors said that I was dead. Meanwhile my wife was kneeling by the side of my cot, insisting that I was not dead – that if I were dead God would bring me back, for He had promised her that I should be saved and I was not yet saved. By and by her knees began to pain her, kneeling on the hard hospital floor. She asked the nurse for a pillow and the nurse brought her a pillow upon which she kneeled.

One hour, two hours, three hours passed. The screen still stood by the cot. I was lying there still, apparently dead. Four hours, five hours, six hours, seven hours, thirteen hours passed, and all this while my wife was kneeling by the cot side, and when people remonstrated and wished her to go away she said: “No, he has to be saved. God will bring him back if he is dead. He is not dead. He cannot die until he is saved.”

she prayed for her unsaved husband for 13 hours after he was pronounced dead

At the end of thirteen hours I opened my eyes, and she said, “What do you wish, my dear?” And I said: “I wish to go home,” and she said: “You shall go home.” But when she proposed it, the doctors raised their hands in horror. They said, “Why, it will kill him. It will be suicide.” She said: “You have had your turn. You said he is dead already. I am going to take him home.”

I now weigh 246 pounds. I still run a fast train on the Pennsylvania Lines. I have been out to Minneapolis on a little vacation, telling men what Jesus can do, and I am glad to tell you what Jesus can do. (Blanchard 94-95).”


If you’ve ever considered giving up on praying for someone, I hope this testimony has refreshed your faith and decision to press on.

Now more than ever, I believe that God is able to do infinitely more than we can ask or imagine (Ephesians 3:20). Our job is to believe that He is able and to put our faith to work by inviting Him to fulfill His desire to save people. (2 Peter 3:9)

How are you and your church praying for the lost?

I highly recommend Praying Effectively for the Lost. It’s available here on

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  1. Mollie Ouellette

    I needed to hear this. I have been praying for my unbelieving husband for a long time. I was ready to walk out on my emotional abusive husband, but you have given me hope. Thank You and what a beautiful testimony!