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Simple Prayers for the Spouse Who Wants a Divorce

This post assumes the divorce is desired because sin is leading the person away from marriage. I recognize that is not always the case.

What do you do when you hear that someone wants to leave or has chosen to leave their marriage? It’s easy to worry about them. But that worry can steal our joy and our peace. It can even lead to gossip and slander.

We need a plan to prevent our minds from racing down that unproductive trail and adding to the problem. We need to know what God can do and invite Him to do it. Praying His Word reminds us of His power and promises. It also insures that we are asking according to His will and He promises He will answer those prayers! I love a guarantee.

Simple Prayers for Someone Choosing Divorce

Here are 25 One-Sentence prayers you and I can pray for the person who wants to walk away from their marriage. (updated from 12 to 25 prayers May 1, 2017) Let’s pray these in the name of Jesus, who has insured the spiritual blessings our friends need.

1. God, grant ______________ a Damascus Road like experience that will transform _______ focus to You and Your will. (Acts 9:1-19)

2. God, I invite You to help ______________ fear You and hold Your Word in high esteem so that _______ will be satisfied in life and this marriage. (Proverbs 19:23)

3. God, please impart Your wisdom into _________’s mind so that_______ heart is pure, peaceable, gentle, open to reason, full of mercy and good fruits, impartial and sincere. (James 3:17)

4. God, please pour out Your spirit on ______________ giving _______ dreams and visions that will lead ________ to fulfill the vows _______ made to to You and ______________. (Acts 2:17)

5. God if ______________’s lack of love for ______________ means that_______ does not know You, I invite You to make Yourself known to _______. (1 John 4:8)

6. God please remind ______________ that true love is patient, kind, rejoices in truth, and endures all things with hope. (1 Corinthians 13:4-7)

7. God, I invite Your steadfast love and righteousness into ______________’s heart trusting that faithfulness and peace will follow. (Psalm 85:10)

8. God, please guide ______________ to aim for restoration with ______________ and to a life of peace and harmony together. (2 Corinthians 13:11)

9. God, please grant ______________ a fresh dose of true humility so _______ can think with sober judgment and act on the faith You freely give. (Romans 12:3)

10. God, please help ______________ see Your path for _______ life and marriage and desire it above everything else. (Psalm 16:11)

11. God ______________ needs Your help to be humble enough to pray and seek Your face and turn from _______ wicked ways. (2 Chronicles 7:14)

12. God, please restore to ______________ the joy of Your salvation and help _______ to be willing to obey You. (Psalm 51:12)

13. God, I ask You to help __________  renounce every prideful thought in order to gain the wisdom ____ needs to honor ____ marriage vows. (Proverbs 11:2)

14. God, please help ________ turn from believing ______ is right in ____ own eyes so ___ can receive true wisdom.  (Proverbs 12:15)

15. God, let Your light shine on ________’s heart and cleanse ____ from sin so ____ can live in fellowship with ____ spouse.  (1 John 1:7)

16. God, please help ________ see that ___ fears about this marriage are not from You. (2 Timothy 1:7)

17. God, I ask You to help _________ pour out all ___ fears and anxious thoughts about this marriage to You. (1 Peter 5:7)

18. God, in Your mercy grant __________ the wisdom and desire to put on love which can bind this marriage together in perfect harmony. (Colossians 3:14)

19. God, please help _________  understand that Your good plan to prosper ___  is possible in this marriage. (Jeremiah 29:11)

20. God, I ask that You strengthen and encourage _________ to wait on You for answers, hope, and restoration of this marriage. (Psalm 27:14)

21. God, I believe Your angels can open the prison doors holding _________ captive to the idea of divorce. (Acts 5:19)

22. God, please help _________ see that the present sufferings in this marriage are not worth comparing with the glorious future You have in store. (Romans 8:18)

23. God, have mercy on ________ and help ____ to seek Your kingdom and righteousness so that all Your blessings will follow  to ____. (Matthew 6:33)

24. God, I ask You to help ____ become slow to anger so ___ can have great understanding that leads to reconciliation. (Proverbs 14:29)

25. God, grant ___ the ability to hear Your voice and follow Your leadership in every aspect of ___ life especially marriage. (John 10:27)


In this video, Penny Cook shares how God moved in her life to restore her marriage even after many years of separation. I pray that God will use her testimony to fortify your faith in our God who is the source of unity and restoration.

About Jennifer O. White

I'm a simple wife who has discovered God's amazing gift of prayer. Here at Prayerfully Speaking I share my journey of unwrapping this gift. God invites us to ask Him, but His enemy works diligently to keep that from happening. I hope to offer you encouragement to believe God is ready to pour more into your life than you've ever imaged.

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  1. Gentle Joy

    These are good things to pray for others… it is so sad to see someone throw away years of relationship with another person… and a commitment to that person before God. By the time a person starts to talk about the idea of divorce, it seems that they have already been thinking of it a lot in their own mind and our words will not stop them… only God can do that. Thank you for sharing this.

    1. Gentle Joy, I completely agree – it is so sad. And our words do so often fall flat. Praying His Word is a guaranteed way to be helpful – knowing God is able to do more than we can ask or imagine. Thanks for your encouragement today. Blessings!

    2. Val

      thank you for this, I wish I had this for my own marriage now I need to pray this for my Ex and his mistress. That’s the hard part, after 33 years of marriage I had to ask him to leave the house, seek christian council, however, he did not. He simply moved his mistress into our summer home and that was the end of 33yrs of marriage. You are right Gentle Joy, I did not know of the other, I suspected, I could not save our marriage on my own. After years of attending group marriage counselling on my own, christian support counselling on my own I had to admit that a marriage is made of 3, but when it was only me and God the marriage could not survive with the 4th added in. Life goes on, seeking God’s will for the remainder of my life, and now learning how to pray for the soon to be EX and his common-law partner is a hard lesson. But, as you know, God knew this the day we married that our marriage would not last. He saw it all and God has plans for me, now I look forward to learning what the future holds. I will use the versus above for praying on other family members marriages. Thank you, God Bless you and your posts.

  2. Mm

    Thank you for these at a time when finding thought is a struggle. I’m praying and fasting for what is mine: my marriage!

    1. Mm – I can relate to those times when you don’t know what to think much less pray. I’m glad these are helpful to you as you fight! Proud of you!

  3. Denise Margaret

    I have been rejected by my husband all time i have always tried to stay friendly over again after our divorce which occurred in early November 2015 last year After three years of marriage just because a different woman had a spell on him and he left me and the kid to suffer. I was really worried and hopeless, so i met with this spell caster Lord Vasikar on the Internet after a long search. And he told me what i needed to do, and he also assured me that he is going to reunite us in just 24 hours later after his spell casting. So he started his work on Monday 21th December. I neither did not believe my eyes. He is back!!! Yes, he really came back in 24 hours just as you guaranteed Sir. Now I’m fully persuaded that you are a legit and authentic spell caster and your website is the best i have ever come across. This is so mind-boggling for me. Westcott is back!!! I haven’t by any means experienced something like this before. Thank you so much Lord Vasikar. I never expected such a result. Dream comes true. Wow! You were so kind with me. “And may your kindness float back to you like ripples that float back to sea shore”. Thank you sir for your precious help. I never believe that I will Celebrate Xmas with my husband, I have never been so happy in my life like the way i am today. You are a genuine spirit. You and your work will never be forgotten for making me a fulfilled woman and reuniting me and my ex husband once again. You are my hero.. The kids are overjoyed to have their father come back home for good. Sir here i am sharing your testimony just as i promised. Here is his website: and also his Email: Thank you so much sir from your grateful client Denise Margaret.

  4. Nikki Moore

    Thank you Jennifer for your blog and thoughts. I just asked the Lord this morning how to pray for a situation, and within seconds discovered your article “How to pray for the toxic people in your life” and it gave me words to stop complaining and start praying. Thank you so much.

  5. Michelle

    Please pray for my family. Pray that are divorce not go through and my husband change his mind. Pray that all obstacle be removed and we can be reunited as one again. Please pray for a miracle. In Jesus Mighty Name, Amen!

    1. Father, I lift up Michelle and her family to You. I hide them under the shelter of Your wing. I reach for Your provision for every situation they are encountering and trust that You are more than enough for the restoration of this marriage and family. Holy Spirit, rain down the wisdom and the desire to hunger and thirst for the righteousness of Christ in this marriage. In Jesus I pray. Amen

      1. Angel Pindell

        My divorce hearing is next month. I love my husband he is a wonderful man and when he is angry he is truly angry. He is verbally abusive and it hurts i say things that are disrespectful we just cant come together as one. Pray for us please

  6. Isaac

    Thank you for these prayers. As i stand for my marriage it has been a very difficult road! I love my wife so much and i miss being a family. I ask that anyone who reads this join me in prayer for the restoration of my marriage. As i will also pray for other in this situation. Please pray that the lord also gives me the strength to continue to stand for my marriage.

    1. Thank You, Father, for knowing Isaac’s heart and being with him today. Thank You for Your awesome power to restore their marriage. You are mighty to save us all from self-destructive decisions. I draw near to You, Father, on behalf of Isaac and his wife and ask that You pour out all that You know they need to live in harmony with you and each other. You are the God of miracles and we believe that nothing is impossible with You. Thank You for supplying the strength Isaac needs to stand for His marriage. In his weakness, you are strong. In Jesus, I pray. Amen

  7. Promises

    As graduation nears still my husband is out of home…i pray but at times I’m weak and do not as much as I should…I know the promises God has given I struggle when it will be and if I’m strong enough to keep going on. Defending that which I know is of God and not of this world is hard. For the world would have me give up and at times it is so hard that would be easier..but the goodness of God comes through every time and he helps me hold on to what I know is right. Our youngest has suffered the most for she has been at home with me. I ask for prayer that his eyes will open he will see the truth and return to God who I know will lead him home. His name is Mitch and he is currently involved in an affair which he believes is okay because in his mind since he grabbed clothes and moved out we are separated. None of which was done legal just him packing up and moving out. He puts me in a roll of being the blame as I’m the one who has to contact and say hello when is the last time you’ve seen ur daughter. We have 4 in all and don’t be fooled in thinking if they are older it is easier..they have issues over which they express to me not him and when it’s more than I can handle it spills out to him. Probably not the best thing but I honestly don’t know how to deal with all the hurt on top of my own. As I pray for him my heart only grows bigger for him and the reality of how far off the path he has gone…please help pray for me and my family.

    1. I’m so thankful that you are pressing in to God for the heart of your husband, your marriage and your family. God, You are merciful and compassionate. I trust You to know what is needed in this marriage and Your ability to provide it. I join this woman and the prayers of Jesus in asking for the grace needed for this husband to turn his heart toward You. Help him to hunger and thirst for righteousness. Grant him dreams and visions – Your revelations of what is true for him. Enable Him to receive the truth about Your love for him and Your ability to help him love his family well. Where there is shame, Lord, we ask You to bring double portions of honor. In Jesus, I pray believing. Amen

      1. Promises

        Asking every warrior out there to pray for my marriage. In my lowest times of doubting to the point of almost giving up, God gives me a rainbow..a promise he is here and to hold on..every time he gives me one there is no reason in weather to if that makes sense. Our children are taking the family vacation and I just found out my husband is w/the other woman. Yesterday the struggle was real to say the least but coming out of the grocery store 9pm at stop light I look up and yes a rainbow. Not a hit you in the face one but one indeed. I even took a picture. The 1st one came in October at very low point I begged God to give me something let me know he was real and I wasn’t crazy. I have not asked since then but have received them at very very low points, November, December, January, May, and now July. As I seen rainbow last night my heart instantly jumped in joy praising God claiming his promises to be for me and our marriage. I have also learned that my rainbows don’t mean smooth waters. I know recognize and understand they are for a promise his time, promise for marriage, promise he is real, promise hold on…so I was not surprised to find out he is with another, does it still hurt yes I’d be a liar to say other wise. I’ve had about 3hrs of tears and sadness going to the corner so to speak and licking my wounds; but now it’s time to get about the Lord’s business and pray. Pray with me that this time spent with another he is reminded by God almighty of me his wife. That anything they do or share he can not escape loving memories of me. That his eyes would be opened, his ears hear truth from God. That he gets no peace and is unsettled by what he is doing. There is power in prayer and when joined by other believers the power is stronger please help a sister in need. Thank you Becky Lewandowski

  8. Still Believe In My Marriage

    I am so inspired by this for my husband has asked for a divorce. I had been so confused and frustrated but since I have begin to pray for him, for me, for peace, for his heart and mind, for our family and for our marriage I have began to relax. I will continue to pray that his heart come back to me and for everyone one that is going through this. Thank you for this.

    1. Thank You, Father, for giving this wife the hope she needs. I present her marriage to You in the name of Jesus. I speak Jesus’ name over her marriage and trust that at His name all evil will bend the knee. May Jesus be Lord over both husband and wife and their sacred union. Amen

      1. Still Believe In My Marriage

        I feel as if my prayers are not being heard. Yesterday we had to drive 9 hours back home together. We did talk about us but I seem to be the only one wanting our marriage. Please continue to prayer for us. I do not want to be without him. We have been together for 17 years and come August 1 we will be married for 7 years. Lord I need you to help my marriage, my family and heal us to restore our love and heart.

    2. Still Believe In My Marriage

      I feel as if my prayers are not being heard. He and I had to drive 9 hours back home yesterday. So we talked about us. But he is not even willing to think of changing his decision. Somebody please just pray for him, for me, for our children and our family. Lord I need you.

  9. Marcus

    I am asking for prayer for my family and my wife. Thank God will intervene and remove the thoughts of our marriage being over. Remove the thoughts of divorce and having a harden heart to not be willing to receive love or even be will to give love. We have been together for 19 years and married for 17. I know God has ordained my marriage and he does not make mistakes why do we that when trouble comes that we have to get out because it must be a mistake. What ever happen to trusting God. Evil has been attacking more and more the closer I get to God. I am asking for prayer help to restore and reconcile my marriage.

    1. Almighty God, we ask You to cleanse this marriage of all unrighteousness. We ask You to reveal Yourself to Marcus and his wife and help them to experience Your love that casts out all fear. We especially ask that You address the fears of Marcus’ wife and help her to see Marcus the way You see him, Lord. We ask You to deliver Your will to them in ways that they can’t miss or misunderstand. We trust You to fight for this marriage and to help them to both be more than conquerors in Jesus. Amen

  10. Starla Wisdom Allen

    Hello, fellow friends and prayer mates.

    My heart is heavy as well. I have been with my husband for almost 10 years and married for 4. He now has a “girlfriend” and thinks it is ok. He has not left our home but he threatens. I know he is confused and he is off the path. I pray for his heart to be filled with peace anc contentment and that the devil and evil spirits are rid from our house, marrigae and family. I pray that he sees that what God has ordained is not so easily broken. Please pray for me and my marriage as I will pray for all of you. I also pray that our tests become testimonies for others!

    1. We praise You, Almighty God, for the belt of truth and the Sword of the Spirit. We ask that You deliver truth to this one who is cooperating with the evil forces that are against this marriage. We know You are victorious and we ask You to fight for this marriage. We ask You to empower this husband to hunger and thirst for righteousness. We ask You to remove the grip of lust that is holding him captive. We declare that Jesus is LORD over this marriage and we call down every high and lofty idea that is setting itself up against the true knowledge of God! In Jesus we pray believing. Amen

  11. Maria Steveson

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  12. Amber

    Please pray for my marriage. Me and my husband have been married for 6 years and he has worked in Afghanistan for 5 1/2 of them. He called me a week ago and said he didn’t want to be married anymore. He said the distance has been to much and we drifted apart and he loves me but he’s not in love with me anymore. Please pray God will guide his heart and want to stay in this marriage.

    1. Almighty God, we call on Your name praising You for Your faithfulness and perfect wisdom. We ask You to deliver Your wisdom to Amber and her husband. We ask You to fill his mind with Your truth and help him to become a warrior in the spiritual battle for his marriage and for his wife. We declare that all weapons formed against this marriage will not prosper because we have invited You to fight for them. In Jesus we pray. Amen

  13. JN

    My husband and I have been married for 3 months and now he’s telling me he wants a divorce. During these 3 months we have been going through a storm that started in April a month after we were married. I also have had a problem with my attitude and I’m so use to being independent. We have a problem with communication. I love my husband and marriage and I don’t want it to end. I feel that this is something that can be worked out. I’m really in need of prayers.

    1. JN, I’d like to invite you to join the #prayingbrides in our FB group and let them pray with you for your marriage.

      1. JN

        Thank you for the invite, I would like for you to say a prayer for us as well.

  14. feldth

    Please pray for my family too. My husband and I are going through so many problems and are separated now as I have moved out of the house with my two kids. I do not want a separation or a divorce as my kids are very young.Please pray for reunion and restoration of my marriage to be one again. I ask this in the name of Jesus Christ. Amen

    1. Feldth, I lift your family to our Lord who is able to do more than we can ask or imagine. I pray that by His mighty power at work within you and your husband, that He will cause you both to hunger and thirst for righteousness. May He fill your minds with His wisdom and perspective of the issues. May He change your hearts to desire to please HIM and not yourselves. May God restore what the locusts have eaten and bring beauty from these ashes. In the name of Jesus our Lord, I pray. Amen

  15. Lost in PA

    My husband and I separated 5 months ago. I moved out of our home with my children (from a previous relationship) and believed I was making the right decision. We did not know how to communicate with one another. 2 months after I began seeing the father of my children and immediately realized that was a mistake so that ended rather quickly. My husband also started seeing a former friend. My pride would not allow me to come to my husband and ask to work it out with him. Yesterday I decided it was time to go to him and ask for another shot at our marriage, he stated he needed to allow it all to sink in but the next day said he was happy and at peace now. I want my husband back! Please help!

    1. Lord, I know You hear the cry of this heart. I know You are able to bring healing and humility where pride and pain exist. May Your glory be revealed in this marriage. May Your Word be a lamp to their feet and a light to their path. In Jesus, I pray. Amen

      1. You are welcome to join our FB group where we pray for each other here:

  16. Kelly

    My husband left 2 months ago. A week after he left I found out he was dating someone who posted a picture of him kissing her in fb and that she “loves this man”. I am sick to my stomach. I want him back I do not want to be apart much less separated or divorced. I love my husband and I want to fight for him. I’m so scared of losing him.

    1. In the name of Jesus Christ, our Lord, we say NO to these fears and Yes to the hope we have in Jesus. Good Shepherd, please lead these two back to Your way of love and unity. Help them to desire to honor and serve You in their relationships. Help them to seek You first and trust that You will give them the desires of their hearts. Give them courage to confess their sins and enjoy the healing power of forgiveness of themselves and each other. We draw near to You on their behalf, Lord Jesus. Let these ashes become beautiful by Your power and for Your glory. In Jesus we pray. Amen

  17. pressley kimberly

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  18. Charlie Standifer

    Please Pray for my Marriage! My wife and I have been together for 23 years and we have been under attack since we both were baptised and were married 5 years ago. Sin and immorality crept in and Satan has devoured our family. I am deeply devoted and love my wife with my whole heart! She relapsed on drugs after over 30 years,went to rehab and tells me after her release,that she loves me but is no longer in love with me. We married as the members of a church and Satan has also debilitated that church as well! I’m praying fervently and ask for others to stand in agreement with me in the authority of Jesus! We have such a story to tell others and I believe God will use us for his Glory…Please Stand with me!

    1. Father, we stand with Charlie for the redemption of this marriage. We believe that You are able to create unity where it is missing. We trust that You are the way, the truth, and the life – and that by Your Light – this marriage can be healed. Send Your Word and heal them, Lord. Send Your Word and deliver them from the destruction that has been set against them. We declare that You are their Healer, their Provider and the Perfect Peace that they both need. Let Your love cover the multitude of sins. Let Your way, be the way they choose instead of the way of their own hearts. Help them, Father, to set their minds on You. Help them to hear Your voice and not follow the voice of the one who wants to steal, kill and destroy them. Have Your Own Way, Lord Jesus. We believe in Your power to heal and redeem. In Your name we pray, Jesus. Amen

  19. Wu

    St. Jude, relative of Jesus and Mary, pray for us! / St. Jude, raised to
    the dignity of an apostle, pray for us! / St. Jude, who had the honor
    of beholding the Divine Master humble Himself to wash his feet, pray for
    us! / St. Jude, who at the Last Supper received the Holy Eucharist from
    the hands of Jesus, pray for us! / St. Jude, who after the profound
    grief which the death of your beloved Master cause you, had the
    consolation of beholding Him risen from the dead and of assisting at His
    glorious Ascension, pray for us!

  20. Lisa

    I come to you to ask for prayer. I pray that my husband guards his heart against the temptation to pursue the attention from other women. I pray that he changes his mind about leaving and that we become a union and have a marriage where we believe in eachothin and lead eachother.

  21. Heather

    Please pray for Justin my husband and myself Heather. I received our divorce papers today and I don’t want to be divorced from him. I love him so much. We do have happy times I promise. The bad seems to overcome our minds. I need so many prayers.

  22. Brenda Wallace Abayomi

    Hi Jennifer please pray for my marriage, there a lot of lies and deceit involved. I love my husband and is willing to forgive him for everything. I have ask for forgiveness in my part, but I believe that my husband is hiding a terrible secret, but I love him. I need God to help him humble his heart and remove or block whatever he is trying to do to me and our marriage.

  23. laura

    Im 31 married 11 years together 13 we have 2 kids please pray for my husband and I. He is seeing someone else and does not think he is wrong because we signed a separation agreement. He is planning on moving in with her he hints at it but cant just say.

    I pray God would put issues and obstacles in their way. That be would cause him to bdr uncomfortable with his choices

    I pray that God would wall him in with a hedge of thorns, that he would seek his lovers but not find them, that he would look for his paths but not overtake them. That he would decide to be with me his first wife.

    His eyes are covered and heart surrounded by a wall of stone. I pray for him to have a Damascus road experience that his eyes would be opened that the scales would fall off and the wall fall down.

    Please God remove the devil and his evil spirits from him. Give him Devine influence and let him love me again I.

  24. Natalie Varela

    My husband and I separated 2 weeks ago. We have only been married 2 1/2 years. He was a new Christian when we married and at the beginning was excited about worshipping God together for the rest of our lives. We moved to a new city a year and a half ago. Since moving, he has drifted further and further away from the Lord. He is consumed with work. He is very successful and pretty much told me he doesn’t need me for anything. 3 days after closing and moving into our brand new home I found out he has been speaking to another woman. He denied anything though God clearly revealed to me what was going on. It explained a lot of why he had been acting so distant. Several months ago I tried to get him to go to counseling at our church, he went 1 time then got so angry after and refused to go back. I am at a loss for words at how he has changed so much since we married. He wants a divorce, he said he wants nothing to do with me any more. I can’t even believe this is happening. My 13 year daughter and I are now living in an apartment. He has cut me off financially and emotionally. I don’t even know what to do, do I file for a divorce? Do I wait? Is this really the end? I am now away from any family or friends in a new city. He was the only reason I moved. I have so many emotions running through my mind, fear, anger, sadness, rejection. Please pray for me and my daughter.

  25. Brandi

    Please pray that my husband will reconcile his heart to God and to our family. Please pray that he will commit to us and our future and the anyone or anything that would try to seduce him or catch his attention or substitute as a fill in for his wife will be bound up in Jesus name. Pray that God will heal emotional wounds and bind up anything that would cause our marriage to fail. Declare with me that this marriage will live and not die and declare the works of the Lord. Please pray that my husband changes his heart and desires and will fully commit to me and our newborn and no longer want a divorce.

  26. TH

    Please pray for my family. My wife filed for divorce and we have already been to court for custody of our child. I pray my wife’s heart can be softened and she can see that it would be best to continue to work on our marriage. I know it would take a miracle from GOD for her to change her mind but have faith with GOD anything is possible.

  27. The Nelson's Family

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  28. Lynn

    Please pray that my husband drops the divorce and comes home. Please pray to God for the miracle marriage restoration. In Jesus name. Amen.

  29. Andrew Woolzy

    My wife and are separated and she is seeking a divorce because I have lied about things but I have turned it over to God any prayers and tips would be most welcome as it stands now we mainly text and once in awhile talk on the phone I’m believing god will turn this around

  30. sharon1266

    God bless Dr Ekaka for the wonderful work he did for me last week, He just helped me to bring back my husband from our breakup. and also make the social service out of my life for good. i’m here to say a big thanks to this great man. Maybe God continue to bless him as he keep helping people solving their problems.. I will recommend anyone in need of help to reach him on his email:

  31. Lisa

    What do you do when your the one that wants a divorce. I have been the provider n this marriage for the past 3 1/2 years. He can’t hold a job long. And then doesn’t want to show me the check stub. He feels likes he is failthful to his marriage because he has never cheated so he says. He has child support issues but is not open about anything. I drained and can’t do it anymore. We also have 5 children at home. I’m tired.

  32. Zac

    Please pray for my wife who is currently undecided about whether she wants to remain in the marriage. Also pray that whatever happens she will not lose sight of God who is the great redeemer.

  33. Crystal

    Please pray the same exact prayer for Crystal as you prayed for Michelle 7 months ago. I too face the same situation, and I too am looking for a miracle.

  34. Anonymous

    I am praying these things for my husband. He has “made up his mind” and thinks he “can’t” work on even trying to stay married. I love him so much, and I don’t want to see Satan win this battle going on in him. Please pray for him too. Thank you

  35. Cindy Frederick

    Please pray for Nolan and a softened heart toward Cindy who made many mistakes in this marriage. Nolan and Cindy need a miracle to restore their marriage. Cindy has turned from sin and is fully willing to do the work to save the marriage. Please allow Nolan to feel the Holy Spirt to allow his heart to forgive and soften.

  36. Ronel

    Please pray that y husband of 12 years stop his affair and put his heart in his family again, that he start loving us again and make us his priority. Especially for our 2 small children of 4 and 5 years. I am willing to forgive him unconditionally and want him to love me as I do love him with all my heart. Please pray for all the heartache we went through to be healed. Thanks you

  37. Jessica

    Please pray for my husbands heart to soften and for our marriage to be restored. He has changed into a angry and cold man yet I love him so much and forgive him and pray he turn to God. I pray daily for God to help our marriage and to guide me and our family

  38. Jessica

    Please pray for my husband. He has lost his love for me and our family. He says he loves us but doesn’t spend time with us. He started drinking heavily and frequently and seems to never want to be home. I suspect he is stepping outside of our marriage. I love him still as much as it hurts. Please pray for his heart and soul. I’d like to save our marriage but first he must want to be willing.

  39. Shannon

    Three months ago my husband of 25 years demamded space to find himself and get in touch with his emotions. I am staying in a small room a block away to give him what he has asked for, he said that he had planned to seek out christian counsel and that ultimately saving our marriage was his goal. Today he has moved closer to divorce, he wants no contact…”seeing me and my emotions would influence him”
    He drinks heavily and smokes marijuana chronically..please lift him in prayer..
    I pray for our marriage to be saved and for us to place God in the center, something we’ve never done before. We have two children 18 & 22. I would appreciate so much prayers that his heart be changed and that he would see the value in saving us. I am suddenly all alone, in a rented room without my kids..I am struggling at times to continue living. Please pray for me, if this ends in divorce that I am able to survive it, right now I don’t believe that I will.

  40. Britney

    My husband left and then came back saying he wanted to try to work things out. It has only been 3 1/2 weeks and already he says that he is done. I pray for him everyday, his relationship with God, and for our marriage. Please pray that he does not get divorce papers, that God will soften his heart and lead him back to me and our daughters. I need a prayer army.

    1. Wanda

      Britney I pray God has intervene in your Marriage. May God heal your marriage and your husband hear from God.

    2. Prayer49

      I pray that everyone would seek God for His will for the marriage relationship by first examining their own relationship with God first, then their relationship with each other. Remember what love is? My pray is that we love God, love ourselves and love our spouses. Let’s start where we are at and see God move in our relationship.

  41. The Gill-Man

    Six months ago, my wife asked for a separation. She briefly attended counseling, but said that she just doesn’t love me anymore. I’ve been praying diligently for a reconciliation, but she is adamant that she wants a divorce. I’ve found no evidence of infidelity, and I certainly have never cheated or been abusive myself. She told me that she has prayed for a miracle to change her heart, but that hasn’t happened. I don’t believe in divorce, especially when there is no Biblical grounds for it, so I continue to pray.

    Last night, she told me that we need to discuss terms of the divorce. I really need a miracle at this point.

    1. Richard Anderson

      Gill-man, I pray for you and your marriage. I lift your problems up to the Lord and I pray for his hand of comfort and protection to you and your family. I pray that reconciliation can happen, I pray for you. Trust in the Lord, and don’t lean on your own misunderstandings. Try and lead her in prayer brother.

      1. The Gill-Man

        Thank you, Richard! I greatly appreciate it! God Bless you!

  42. Nick

    I pray that the Lord heals my broken marriage with my wife. Im finally getting help for my sex addiction that I had been seeking for 13 months but am now involved in a faith based therapy program. I rededicated my life to Christ and surrendered my addiction to Him. My wife has since separated and filed for divorce. Her friends haven’t been the best at supporting our marriage and now my wife has a hardened heart towards me. I pray that the Lord breaks down the walls and strongholds Satan has built around her heart towards me, and He gives her the strength, energy, endurance, and patience for us to reconcile our marriage and restore it with the Lord as our new foundation. I pray this with the sincerest heart, in Jesus Great Name, Amen!

  43. Sherry

    Please pray for me Sherry and my husband Gary to safe our marriage he told me today he doesn’t have the same feelings for me and he doesn’t think he want to be with me anymore, I love him an wAnt to safe my marriage. Please pray for us thank you

  44. Charlyne Fair-Farrow

    My husband left me suddenly when he lost his job while i was pregnant. This was very devastating to me. It destroyed my heart and soul. God pulled me out of that dark cloud and carried me through my storm. When i discovered my husband is involed with another women, I knew satan put her in his path to destroy him and break a family that was once full of love. My husband loved and adored me. He was overjoyed when he found out we were pregnant. My husband’s actions and words caused a disconnection from his family. The other women is pressuring him to divorce me. I’ve been praying for my husbands soul to be saved from damnation and all strong holds to be released. Please pray for my husband to seek God’s way. Please pray for transformation, restoration and resurrection of my marriage and for a break through for my family. God have heard me pray for healing and He has healed my heart to forgive him. Now I need power of prayer to save his soul in Jesus name Amen!

  45. Jenilee

    Pray for my marriage to be restored. My husband and I both through anger and unforgiveness opened the door for Satan to come in. I found my healing through God but my husband found another woman. He’s been taking steps towards a divorce that I do not want. He believes that his sinful ways are Gods ways. I pray that God will open my husbands eyes, give him a healing for his unforgiveness and that he will return to work on our covenant marriage.

  46. Gabrielle

    Please pray for Geoff, my husband who left four months ago. He was on path to God although we had two and half hard years. He prayed and met girl two weeks after separating and says she is answer to prayer and that his therapist says he was right to leave as he was so unhappy. I see my errors and how I was so down not having baby and unemployment and didn’t fill our love bank. He is pushing through on divorce. I am hurt and show it and then relent and feel God’s compassion for him. It will take a miracle.

  47. Rich

    My wife of ten years handed me a letter which she told me she wants a divorce. I have been praying for a miricle, but my wife has told me that God told her to let me go. She said that this is coming from a place of love, but i am struggling to not make things worse by disagreeing with her stance. I pray for my children and family that my “real” God makes his wishes truly known, because my Lord would never tell my wife to divorce me and tear apart our family. Any suggestions on how to handle a spouse who has played the God card, when i know this could only becoming from evil. Your prayers are very appreciated!

  48. Mellanie

    Please pray for my marriage. He moved out a week ago and wants a divorce. I am praying that he will change his mind and want to work on the marriage.

  49. Reina

    Have you ever heard about He helped me get my husband back after he left me and the kids home to live with his mistress. Great spell that works just as you desire

  50. KB

    Please pray for my family and pray that my husband chanees his mind. Please pray that we can put our family back together stronger than ever. In Jesus name I pray. Amen.

  51. Jason

    Please pray for my marriage and family. My wife just filed for divorce and gave me the “I love you but I’m not in love with you speech”. She needs to be happy and isn’t with me. Please pray for my wife so she can see that marriage is hard work and happiness isn’t one sided. Pray that this mountain be moved and she will open her eyes to the commitment she made god and myself. In Jesus name I pray, amen!

    1. KB

      My husband gave me the same speech it is a horrible speech. I still love him we have been married 22 years and have 3 wonderful kids! He is not happy with me! However does want to anything to see if we can mend things. I do hope one day he will change his mind!

      1. Jason

        Pray everyday for your spouse. I have and I’ve seen small victories. She retained a lawyer over a month ago but still hasn’t filed yet. I will add you to my prayers and hope that you see the same thing. GOD is working to heal your marriage and mine. Keep praying.

        1. Niki

          My husband filed for divorce 3 weeks ago. I have not been served papers yet but I know it’s coming soon. I know God can still work and I believe He will. We still live together which is a positive and God can use anything to bring reconciliation. My husband is dead set on divorce bc he isn’t “happy”. He has been running from God for a while. Please pray for our marriage.

          Niki & Brandon

  52. L. Leath

    Good morning! This was an awesome prayer that was definitely needed for my family. Can you please pray that the evil spirit of divorce is removed from my home and spirit of one is restored. Please pray that division is removed and the love is rekindled for my family.

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  54. Crystal

    I made the decision to separate from my husband after 12 years. This was not by any means an easy decision. I sought God in prayer before doing so. I guess I am somewhat offended by this article in that it seems to assume that all broken marriages should reconcile. I suffered emotional abuse through out our entire marriage. Two of our three children are in therapy because of the emotional abuse that they suffered as well. In addition to the abuse, he had several affairs with other women, began drinking excessively and driving while intoxicated putting me and our children’s lives in danger. Not to mention others on the road. He refused to make enough money in order to help pay any of the bills forcing me to work two sometimes three jobs to keep the lights on and put food on the table all while he stayed out until 3am or 5am with other women. Never answering my calls or responding to text messages. Or when he was at home, sitting in his car for hours messaging and talking to other women and taking part in sexually immoral acts and watching pornography on his phone that I paid for. He denied me intimacy for two years while doing this and never so much as hugged me to show that he loved me. He even so much as told me that he didn’t love me at one point and now after five months of separation he wants to reconcile??? Why??? Why would I want to return to that sort of behavior and abuse? Yes, I want God to heal him. I want God to restore him to the man that he was before we got married. But for the life of me, I cannot understand why people continue to pray that I change my heart. What did I do? I stayed with him for far too long hoping and praying for our marriage at the sacrifice of my and our kids mental and emotional well being. He didn’t want counseling and refused my requests to go multiple times. Forgive me for not being in agreement with this article. All broken marriages are not meant to be reconciled. You have no idea what the spouse went through to come to the decision to leave.

  55. Ellen

    I just thought i should briefly share my story on how i got my husband stay with me.After 10 years of marriage with no kids,my husband got tired and told me he wanted a divorce,i could understand his frustration,he his an amazing man and even before we got married,all he ever talked about,was how he couldn’t wait to be a father.But to my amazement it seems the evil forces around us heard him and decided not to make his desires come true.We visited several hospitals,doctors and anyone with a career relating to health issues but all of them kept on saying nothing was wrong with us,so it came to me that it has to be some sort of spiritual problem. But seeking for spiritual help was no problem because i had a friend who is living well and happy all because she got spiritual help when things were really rough for her.When she told me how she met a spiritual prophet who made her life turn around to something she never dreamed of,i didn’t believe her because i am not one to believe in all that spiritual stuff. Well 10 years later,look at me in worse situation than she was and her life was just like the fairy tale we all thought never existed.My marriage was falling apart,my life was far from happy,i had to drop my pride and reached out to her for help.She connected me to a prophet named Rukevwe and it hits me that i had come across a testimony online involving this same prophet,i contacted him,and long story short,i gave birth to a set of twins and making it look even more miraculous,it is a boy and a girl.After my communication with him,that was before i became pregnant,he gave me a couple of spiritual items which i won’t be disclosing,to hang on the wall in the bed room in which myself and husband stays,and after a couple of days,it was like a veil of darkness was being lifted and i could literally feel light passing through me,i didn’t know my husband felt the same way,but happiness and peace started creeping in and just like that,all that intensity,pressure,depression we used to feel,just disappeared and when we made love,it felt like the exact time. it was after a few weeks,i realized that i had taken in. My reason of sharing this experience is to let every woman out there going through some sort of problem,to always seek spiritual help,because believe it or not,it seems to be the only true way. Now i am not saying platforms like this can’t be helpful as well,i mean,i wouldn’t get the opportunity to share my story if not for platforms like this but i am also saying that you should place all cards on the table. {prophetrukevwe @ hotmail . com} is his contact. Reach him now and i promise you will look for me to say thank you. Have a lovely day everyone.

  56. Michelle

    Hi my name is Michelle can you please pray for my marriage that my husband Daniel and I United as one. We been together 18 years and almost 12 years marriage. I am hurting really bad and I love my husband a lot. Can you pray for us that we don’t get a divorce or spreation my husband wants to leave me. He’s hurting in pain and he said he don’t know he can ever forgive me or get over it. I am so hurt he’s the man of my life my 1st real love we been together since we was 14 teen n we both are 32 now. I lost my 1st child almost year ago after trying over 10 years to get pregnant because I have infertility problem. And when I finally got pregnant on my own I lost my baby I’m going thur a lot hurt. There is this other women who keeps texting my husband and he’s been talking with her. I’m scared he’s gonna leave me and end up with her. Please help me and pray for us. Thank you

    1. Carmen

      Praying for Your marriage Michelle. I declare Victory. I command all Evil tpnstay away from your Marriage and you reconcile

  57. AdriCardenas

    Hello All-
    I need prayer for my 7-year marriage. About 4 years ago, we almost divorced – we had all the paperwork ready, but we reconciled and God was at work so clearly. 3 years later, I’m the one thinking of walking away from my marriage but cannot imagine the pain it will cause my kids so I hesitate. I’m in a very difficult place emotionally and I keep praying for God to show me the way as well as enter my husband’s heart. I just need prayer for this very difficult situation. Thank You.

  58. Sarah D Jackson

    i want to use this medium to really appreciate my spiritual father a man who built his world the needing, man who displeases his self to please others, a man who put his self and family on the line to ensure one happiness, Papa on behalf of my family we say thank you. for restoring my home my husband change suddenly after 6 years of our marriage i did all i could to restoring him to non avail at a time i gave up because this time he has no feeling for me anymore i cried i prayed God lead me to one blog where a testimony was shared how he help a lady out of her family predicament, i contacted him and he gave me a life responds. he told me what was wrong that i should provide him few details which i did 12hour later husband call begging on phone, i dont know what he did but i know something was done.
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    wish you best of luck.

  59. Tessy William

    After 7 year of marriage, my husband left me with two kids . I felt like my life was about to end i almost committed suicide, i was emotionally down for a very long time. Thanks to a spell caster called prophet john which i met online. On one faithful day, as I was browsing through the internet, Some people testified that he brought their Ex lover back, some testified that he restores womb, cure cancer, and other sickness, some testified that he can cast a spell to stop divorce and so on. i also come across one particular testimony, it was about a woman called Marie ,she testified about how he brought back her Ex lover in less than 2 days, when i contacted him he promised to restore my marriage back, and just two day the prayers he did bring back my husband please join me and give thanks to prophet john at his mail…

  60. Mark

    Please for my marriage and family not be separated. My wife is confused and the enemy has a strong hold on her. Please pray for her and my family that those with bad influences leave us alone and also pray for them to believe in our Lord and Savior.

  61. Michaela

    Please pray for my marriage if 10 going on 11 years. My husband has a baby with his mistress and I have chosen to forgive him but he tells me he struggles with forgiving himself and thinks divorce is the answer. He has went through all the motions for this divorce and the decree is in the process of being written up. I praying for a miracle and that God changes his heart.

  62. JB

    Please Pray for my Family and my Marriage. My wife and I have been married for 20 years and we have 4 beautiful children together ages 7 – 17. My father was a pastor and I grew up believing in the wonderful miracle working power of Jesus. I have seen first hand many miracles that Jesus has done in my life. My wife and I were married at 22 years old and we are both Christians and have attended church our whole lives. I am currently a youth pastor at our church. About 9 months ago I started seeing changes in my wife. I feel like she has separated her life from Christ and is solely focused on her self and her own happiness. At first I thought maybe just a mid-life crisis at 42. It has turned into so much more than that. My wife was always such a giver and always put the kids needs first above her own. Now, she has no desire to take care of anything around the house or spend much time or interest in our kids at all. I have always helped with the normal cleaning, laundry, schoolwork, etc. It is not that I mind doing the work at all, it is just the sudden change in her personality that has taken place. My wife works in a hospital, and she works two jobs. She has a full-time position working nights 4 days per week, and a part-time job at a hospital she has worked at for 15 years and she works 16 hours per week. I know she is exhausted, and I have begged her to step down from the part time position, but she will not. I Love my wife more than anything in this world and I am willing to do anything that would help her and help reconcile our marriage. I do not believe in divorce and when we were married it was till death do us part. My wife tells me that she feels like we have not had a relationship in a long time because we were so busy raising our 4 kids. She says that she loves me, but does not feel like she can love me as a wife. She said she just does not have those feelings for me anymore. I have tried asking her to pray with me and she will not. I read the love dare and regardless of what I do I see no change in her. There has never been any physical violence or emotional damage or infidelity that I am aware of. Obviously I knew that our relationship was not as close as it once was, being so busy raising the kids and practices and games, however I never thought for one second that we both still loved each other very much and were committed to our marriage. I have always loved my wife and told her that and have never intentionally done anything to pull away from her or our marriage. I have been praying and praying for God to restore our marriage and restore my wife’s love for me. I cannot speak to anyone about it. I have no one to talk to, or ask to pray with me and believe with me that God will heal our marriage. Would you please pray with me? Would you please keep us in your prayers? Thanks and God Bless!

    1. C and L

      Im praying for you and everyone who is dealing with the same issues. please pray for me and my family having marrige issues. MY HUSBAND HAS BEEN CHEATING ON ME NOW HE WANTS TO LEAVE.

  63. Chinelo

    Jennifer, please could you pray for me so peace, unity and understanding can be restored in family. my parents and siblings haven’t been living in unity for a very very long. i am always in tears, the load is so much on me, because i am the only person trying to fix my family,am running out of strength. am asking God for a life partner this year. Thanks

  64. Rebekah Nguyen

    I truly need a miracle , I need god to heal and restore this relationship . And bring him back to god. It truly a long story but I have three children who need there father . I kno god can work miracles .

  65. Ty Medlin

    I found this information and the prayers as I watched my husband of 16yrs (married 11 of the 16 years) leave out the door to go party. His decision came after his 18yr old daughters (not my birth children) told him it’s them or me and our 3 children (11, 6, and 4). Years of disrespect from my step daughters led to arguments between us bc he feels as a Christian I should turn the other cheek each time. Even when I told one step daughter to wash dishes she was so angry she made false statements to child services to attempt and get my children taken, to them punching holes in walls and jumping into my face cussing me out! He says this is all typical teen behavior and I need to deal with it! So after 16yrs they told him if he stays with me he will not have a relationship with them and as long as I am in my children lives they will not be in their step siblings lives either. So now he wants to leave and possibly try to take our children away from me! I am trusting God in all of this but it hurts so bad!!

  66. Praying

    Please pray for my husband, our marriage and me. He walked out on me 3 months ago and has informed me he is ready to file for divorce. We are both Christians. There has been no infidelity. He has told me he just doesn’t love me anymore and that we are great friends but that he has never believed he is my husband. We have been together do for 17 years and married for 11 years. I believe that God is a miracle worker and I believe he can change my husbands heart.

    1. Robert Gammon

      I am so sorry to hear about your situation. After reading your situation I thought I was reading mine. I have been married now for 18 years we have been separated for 50 weeks, she says she loves the Lord but doesn’t love me anymore. She doesn’t want to believe anything that’s in the Bible about praying for the marriage. I would very much enjoy being able to conversate with you. I don’t know if we’re allowed to do that on this site or not. I did not know she was going to tell me she wanted to divorce three days before she told me she wanted a divorce I gave my heart back to Jesus a 100%. It’s like as soon as I did that Satan grabbed ahold of her heart and has been manipulating it ever since I have been praying for marriage non-stop the entire time I find myself more in love with my wife today than ever before and it seems to go nowhere I am so tired of hurting. There hasn’t been a day that has gone by that I have not been in very seriously emotional tears she tells me she’s prayed for our marriage for several years but as soon as I get right with the Lord she says it’s too late. I will pray for your marriage please pray for mine. My name is Robert my wife’s name is Celena.

      1. Salena

        Hi Robert. My husband left me today. I feel that Satan has ahold of his heart. I’m at a loss. Please pray for me

  67. Kenneth Nicodemus

    Please pray for my family. I dont want us to live a life with divorce. I love my my wife and son so much. This pain is unbearable. Our communication during this divorce process is so negative that we cant even speak rationally to each other. 15 years all during time in military and several deployments. I know she still has love for me, but there is so much negativity to talk this through. Please help.

  68. Help

    He divorced me after 40 years of marriage to be with a much younger woman. They have had a relationship for five years. Please pray that Hod takes over and sends the Prodigal husband home so we can be a family again under Gods grace and mercy. Through Jesus. Amen.

    1. Yes, Lord. We believe You are the God who restores. We invite Your mercy to flood this situation. We ask for Your light to shine in the darkness and awaken everyone to the knowledge of Jesus – the Way, Truth and Life. We entrust these circumstances to Your mighty right hand and believe You are the reason this wife does not have to be afraid of discouraged. Thank You Lord for Your wisdom to guide her and Your love to keep her as she waits on You. In Jesus I pray. Amen

  69. John Wonner

    Hey can someone please help me pray for my marriage

  70. tempie

    my husband left before christmas i dont want a divorece please pray for us to br restore our marraiage we been married 10 years please father please help love him and respect him and us be a family again

    1. Lord, we thank You for Your mercy for this marriage. We thank You for the power of Your love. We ask that Your love abound in tempie’s marriage. We trust that Your kindness leads to repentance and transformation. Have your way with them Lord. Amen

  71. Randall Berry

    Please pray for me and my wife. (Randy and Leah) We are separated and she wants a divorce. No infidelity or physical abuse, just so many life obstacles. She says she does not love me anymore. We are both Christians. We have three children ourselves and each of us have three from previous marriages (total 9). It seems that she has lost hope and faith that we can be healed and delivered. Her heart has hardened towards me and she is very angry about many things. I am seeking Godly counsel from my pastor and marriage counselor. She has been unwilling to seek help. This is the second time we have separated in just over a year.

  72. Angie Totherow Reagon

    Please pray that my husband decides that I and our marriage are worth saving. Please remove the people from our lives that are hindering our marriage. Thank you so much.

  73. Terri B

    Please pray for my marriage. My husband has chosen a path of sin and is lost in infidelity. He has filed for divorce and refuses to communicate with me and our son. We pray for him daily and for his return to Christ

  74. Sandra Jeffree

    GOOD DAY!!!!! i hope you can pray with me..We have been interceding for my husband that is caught up in a lie and the web of an antichrist woman since July last year. After declaring his break with her and honoring God and our marriage after the first month….she came back and seduced him again from that caused him to seperate from me. She is destroying him spiritually and pulling him into the depth of confusion and regret that is pulling my young adult children into the lie. She contact them and tell them how happy their dad is etc.. God has moved in our lives but now that my husband’s spirit man is standing up and considering the truth again the enemy is stronger than ever pulling my kids in two directions. God has confirmed in His word that I should stand for my marriage and that my husband’s soul is dependant on it. I pray hourly but need more warriors to stand with us in agreement. We have until the 17th to declare and decree this marriage and family to be saved from the enemy’s attempts and that God will give us a miracle in a position where we can serve him side by side. The division came because he serve alone abroad. God is moving things and we have seen miracles in the last 3 weeks but I need more than us that are under attack, to please pray that God will deliver, restore and reconcile this family in His spirit and the blood of Jeaus. I have a liitle child that also need protection against this hurt. Our Destiny was infront of us when the enemy tripped my husband and he can’t forgive himself….now the lie seems like the solution!!!!! Please pray for us and dont stop. We really need a miracle as this desitny for us (16 yrs ago) as well as the attack on his life has been prophetically been delivered to us. My children are not spiritually mature enough yet to withstand this warfare and the enemy plays with their emotions. I declare and decree God to fight this battle and deliver us all with a miracle before his return home on the 17th and give all our souls healing while is with us before he return back to work 4 April and that we will have a position in hand where he knows…..God place him to honour God destiny with his wife. Thank you in advance for interceding praying for this situation and war that my family face. No more bondage, lies. Deceit. Double mindedness. Antichrist etc. In my family….we need God almighty!!!!! Our marriage and covenant of 24 yrs is sacred to God. I decree and declare God that will deliver us from the evil woman and all other attempts from the enemy, God will wash us in Jesus’s blood and heal our Souls body and spirits, and reconcile this family with the enemy returning 7 fold what have been stolen from us. AMEN


    Please pray that our marriage can be reconsiled with the help of Gods grace and powe. Bring up two children in seperate home I do not believe is God’s ideal. Breakup for nothing more the differences is Satan’s work and can be retired better than ever in jesus name.

  76. Desiree

    Please pray for me and my husband (Desiree and Mike). We have been married nearly 20 years and have 2 boys. He is unhappy and is asking for a divorce. I do not want a divorce and want to try and work things out. I have suggested married counseling on several occasions, but he refuses to go. I am at a loss. I do not know how to repair our marriage. I feel lost, alone, invisible and broken. I feel they’d all be better off without me. I need prayers for my husband and family, and for myself. I do not know how much longer I can go on like this…

  77. Li

    It’s sad so many people around us are having marriage problem,I to had a friendship of 16 year , married 10, together 12,went to marriage counseling & he says he can’t make me happy & thinks he is done with the marriage..,that same day I moved out , stubborn me, therapist says it back fired on my husband because she said he thought he was going to say ,we were going to go home ,sleep with each other & later on back to nothing… Loves has no pride & that’s when I know the devil was in my marriage .I went to see a lawyer because he wasn’t trying to help with his son but I didn’t file for a divorce,next thing you know I get serve with divorce papers & he has a girlfriend .What kills me is that he was my best friend..He has hurt me so much,people tell me to hate him with all the wrong he has done but I can’t hate a person that once brought me so much happiness.I love him today but I pray & pray but it looks so impossible to restore our marriage.What happen to what ever God join let not men separate…

  78. Michele Allen

    Please pray for a miracle to prevent my divorce after 20 years and reconcile our marriage.

  79. Catherine

    Please pray for the restoration of our marriage and for my husband to submit to God’s will. My husband left me at the end of September, 2016. He had an affair beginning about a year before that. We started marriage counseling soon after his affair started. Although he said it was over, he had not given up the affair. He lied to me and to our counselor. The affair just helped him believe that he didn’t love me anymore. He did end the affair, when her husband found out. We have both been Christians 30 years, and last week was our 28th anniversary. I am absolutely devastated. I love him and I pray God’s will to be done in our lives. He is unwilling to consider it. He believes God understands and is OK with this choice. He plans to start divorce proceedings in April. It’s all just too much to bear. Thank you.

  80. Zax

    Please pray for my marriage, after 10years together my wife decided to leave me just when I lost my job and wasn’t able to buy her a house. Our plan to save up for a house has always been delayed, I wasnt able to get any permanent job n has to work on temporary job most of the time. I do all I can to help out at home but it still made her feel insecure. Please pray that she will truly understand love and have a change of mind and a soften heart. Pray that we will be able to overcome all challenges in life that bond us instead of separate us. And that she’ll find security in me again and a miracle for this marriage. I would also like to thank you for your post.

    1. JT

      Praying God’s will be done.

      1. jt

        I too lost my job leading to my wife leaving with the kids. She moved to her hometown. I followed her and found employment. We were looking for apartments, but now she wants a divorce. We have been married for 13 years and have 3 kids so I definitely understand what you’re going through.

  81. Mark Swartwood

    Heavenly Father, I humbly ask you to please step in to my wife’s heart. She has done wrong as I have. She divorced me without my knowledge. I did not believe she would do it. I have done many changes to myself and she only sees the glass half full. She is very negitive. She wants to throw me away like trash. I have made many mistakes and have owned all of them and am remorseful. She is easily influenced by her non-christian family and it seems no matter what I do she fights me all the way. She is hurting many by her choices and won’t recognize any of it.
    I ask of you father to help her see that divorce is a huge mistake and let us be one flesh as u have made us. I love my wife like my Lord loves the church. In your holy name I pray to you.


  82. Dg

    Please pray for me and my children . I’m in court with my husband and I still love him .

  83. Rachel

    Please pray for my marriage. My husband is struggling with sexual addiction that has led him to lie over and over. We are separated and have a two year old little girl. It is painful and I am losing hope. Please pray that God will give me a clear path and if at all possible will break through the denial in my husbands heart help there to be motivation on his part to genuinely embrace God to leave his job and seek one that does not involve the history of betrayal at this one. Help him to have humility to see where he needs to put up very strong lines to protect our marriage. Help me to heal from this trauma and betrayal.

  84. Pamela McLaughlin-Jones

    Please, I need prayers for my marriage. It’s been a rocky few years, but there has also been happiness. My husband had (may still be having) an affair and I filed for divorce. He was the most wonderful man in the world to me, but our lives have turned upside down. I do not want this divorce. I pray for healing and restoration. My husband is so angry and will not forget past difficulties. Please, I don’t know where to turn anymore. I pray diligently every day… for months now. My husband also prays, but there is a strong force holding us apart and road blocks that keep us apat. We have also prayed together, many, many times, but nothing seems to be working. I just don’t understand. I feel like my prayers are not being heard. I am heartbroken beyond belief. I’m sobbing as I write this because I feel so helpless. I don’t know who or where to turn anymore. I need prayers for a miracle to heal our hearts and restore our marriage and our love for one another. I ask this in Jesus name.

  85. James

    Please pray fory marriage.My wife plans to file next Thursday. She is tired of all the obligations of being a preacher’s wife. We have been married for 28 yrs.

  86. wendy willson

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  87. Monique

    please pray for prodigal husband.. We have not spoken or seen each in 10 months.
    But he wanted this, he has not filed for divorce. I don’t understand! we just got married. Please soften his heart and take the pride away.