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Resolutions! Great advice from Mel

Below are words penned by one of the most loyal and best friends a girl can have.  Melissa Scallan (otherwise known to me as Mel and YaYa 1) is a reporter. She’s got a nose (maybe that’s an ear)  for good stories and for the truth. I think she’s got the truth by the tail regarding starting a new year and how to approach our New Year’s resolutions. See what you think.

A few weeks before Christmas, I went shopping for gifts for my friends and family, but as usual I found a few things for myself too. One of those items was a large desk calendar for my office – hey, it was only $1, and it has a place for notes too.

As I left for work one day and put it in the car to bring it with me, I realized we are a nation obsessed with organization. I not only bought a desk calendar, I bought a weekly date book that fits in my purse, as well as a wall calendar – one for work and home, of course.

There’s also a calendar and organizer on my cell phone and on my e-mail at work and at home.

When January rolls around, most of us see it as a fresh start, a time to turn all those calendars and date books to the new month and forget what has happened in the past year. We feel good as we start out the new year writing down or typing in our appointments, special occasions and birthdays for our family and friends.

Also at this time of year, we make resolutions, promising to get in shape, eat better, get organized, pay off debt, save money and in general be a better person – all in 12 months. Most people I know, myself included, take on too many self improvement tasks and become overwhelmed.

But in our quest to be better people in all aspects of our lives, we often forget the one change or improvement that would help us in all areas of our lives – our relationship with God. If you’re making a fresh start, shouldn’t it begin with the One who gave us life?

How many of you have started out 2011 promising to be nicer to the person at the office that really gets on your nerves or be more patient with family and friends?

I think what we forget is that if we concentrate on our relationship with God, most of these other things will fall into place. So instead of rushing to the next appointment, trying to get to work early or hurrying to the gym that‘s probably crowded right now, start out your day talking to God. Spend a few minutes every morning praying for guidance, thanking Him for the blessings in your life and working to improve your personal relationship with Him.

Do that, and I bet He will help you work on those other resolutions.

I can’t think of a better way to end this post than with this song by Casting Crowns – At Your Feet. I pray each of you reading this will enjoy the next year at His feet.

Melissa guest blogged in 2010. Read that post here.

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  1. Amen. This is a great post. He is truly the Answer to all of our difficulties and plans. He is the God who transforms.